Foster commits to SMU!

SMU picked up a commit from North Shore (Tex.) 2015 wing Jarrey Foster yesterday. Get his thoughts on his commitment!

2015 Houston North Shore (Tex.) wing Jarrey Foster has loved every moment of his experience since he got in touch with SMU, but there are a few key contributors that contributed to him deciding on SMU as his home for the next four years.

“As soon as I got the opportunity to visit, it felt like home away from home for me,” said Foster, “Also the team with the caliber of how they practice, and also where they are going with coach Brown, it’s how to make a good team that I want to play for.”

Foster was thrilled with many of the academic opportunities that presented itself at SMU, including the opportunity to meet with Dean Christensen of the Lyle School of Engineering while on his visit.

“One of the biggest things that helped me is the academic advisor that works with the basketball team is Amy,” said Foster “She has everything in line and organized like study halls, and that’s going to make my transition from high school to college way easier.”

Foster was quick to point out last year’s success was another big reason why he felt like SMU was the right choice for him.

“That lets me know they’re going on the right track because before coach Brown came they were ok, but when he came they started to build something with making the NIT finals and nearly the tournament,” said the 2015 wing, ”They’ll definitely make it next year, and I can tell the program is going somewhere, this year they have some good games, non conference games, so I can tell they’re going somewhere and that helped me make my decision.”

After committing to SMU, Jarrey Foster exchanged tweets with 2015 four-star power forward Elijah Thomas, but he cautioned not to look into that much.

“Elijah and I know each others names, but we don’t know each other that well,” said Foster,” I plan to reach out to him though and maybe just see what he’s thinking and give him some things about SMU.”

Foster will not however try to recruit Thomas to SMU, something that was important to him in his own recruitment.

“I’m not going to put too much pressure on him, I’m pretty sure he knows where he’s leaning to,” said Foster, ”I might give him some information that may help him, but I’m not going to pressure him because I didn’t like to be pressured when I was making my decision.”

Foster also plans to start working on building his relationship with fellow 2015 commit Sedrick Barefield.

“This is my first time talking to him but we’re going to build a relationship, we have to, that’ll be key,” said Foster.

Foster already knows what he’s going to be able to bring to this game right away, that fits perfectly with coach Brown’s mentality.

“I think the thing I bring to this team is I’m a bigger wing that can attack the basket,” Foster also knows his defense will be a big strength, “All we did in high school was play defense so I definitely think I’ll bring that, my scoring might take a little bit of a hit.”

Foster is excited for all the opportunities SMU will offer him, but it’s easy to tell what he is most looking forward to on his time on the hilltop.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m really excited to play a game, I’ve heard that it’s just a packed house,” said Foster, ”Moody magic that’s all I’m looking for, you can put that in quotes, moody magic.”

Foster is planning to take a trip up and will get a taste of that raucous crowd when he comes for SMU’s matchup at home against Connecticut.

“That’s what I’m really looking forward to, I’m looking forward to witnessing that myself.”

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