BuckeyesSports.com Sounds Off on Herman

Jeff Svoboda, editor of BuckeyeSports.com, talks with Demetrio about how Ohio State's offensive coordinator Tom Herman would fit as head coach on the Hilltop!

DT: What would the positives be that jump out at you about Herman if he was a head coach?
JS: "I think he is a guy that’s pretty much ready to be a head coach. Obviously, his offenses here at Ohio State have been awesome- they set the record for school points last year. He has kind of proven himself as an offensive coach. Being at Ohio State, thre is a lot of pressure and he has to deal with the media and he does a very good job of that as well. He is a very intelligent guy. Very well spoken. There is no doubt he is intelligent. He is a good recruiter, he had a lot of success down there in Texas and bring guys to Ohio from there. So really This is a guy that of all those assistants ready to be head coaches, he is pretty near the top."

DT: Talk about his offensive scheme a little bit- what’s worked and what hasn’t?
JS: "I would say, its been kind of an interesting marriage- because obviously everyone is in love with the spread offense and the things he has done at Utah and Florida. So its going to be a spread no matter what. And Urban said one of things they brought in Herman for was that he had a lot of experience running the hurry up. So that’s something that they have been looking to do more of. They are trying to get faster- they finally have the personnel and now we are kind of starting to see Tom Herman trying to see how fast they can go. So we are starting to see a lot of things come together here as far as the offensive attack.

I would say that every once in a while he will get bogged down with play calling and he gets a little into patterns that teams can kind of see. He’s admitted sometimes that he didn’t necessarily have the best play calling games."

DT: On the recruiting front, what would he bring to the table as SMU tries to establish itself in the DFW area especially?
JS: "You never know how a coach is going to recruit once he goes from and assistant to a head coach, but I would say that he is probably pretty ready for that as far as sending out a head coach kind of vibe. I think people would be pretty comfortable having him kind of represent their program as he goes to high school across the country and across Texas. As far as his recruiting chops, at Ohio State he has been one of the big guys going into Texas. While he has had some success recruiting in Texas, most of his ‘prizes’ have come from the mid-west. All signs point to him being a good recruiter at a place like SMU."

DT: What type of coach is Herman? Is he cool and collected or kind of a intense, high energy guy?
JS: "Cool and collected is how I would describe him. He can be intense, you know any coach can be intense, but he is not a screamer. He is not a get your face kinda guy. I mentioned his intelligence earlier and that kind of shines through here- he is very cerebral and he does a lot of coaching a lot of teaching. That’s kind of his general personality. He is definitely more of a teacher than a yeller. It kind of suits him well as a head coach, just kind of being the same guy day in and day out."

DT: Would you say he is more of a player’s coach then?
JS "I would say so. In my experience with him I think he is pretty personable to most people. I would say he relates to most people really well- be it media, or players or other coaches."

DT: What could SMU fans expect from a Herman football program?
JS: "I have to say, I think they would be pretty well organized. They would seem like they know what they are doing- I mean right now they seem like chickens running with their heads off- I would assume that a Tom Herman team, with him being who he is, you would not expect them to act that way. I have to think you’d have to hire a pretty good defensive coach, just because he is an offensive guy. But I think he would come in and run his offense, you know fast tempo, just trying to get the athletes in space to make plays. He’s taking the last couple years under Urban Meyer to watch and pick up on what his weakness were and address them. I think he is at the point where he is ready to be the guy and take over a program."

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