Could Beck be the guy for SMU?

Josh Harvey of talked with Billy about how Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck could fit at SMU

1. What would the positives be that jump out at you about Beck if he was a head coach?
JH: "After having a strong offense over the years, I think Beck is ready to make the jump to being a head coach. I think he’s had opportunities in the past, but nothing that personally interested him in the end. I don’t know if SMU would be a job he would consider, but because of the location, it would make a lot of sense. I think he’s been a coach who’s put in his time and knows what winning football looks like – after all he’s been part of multiple conference championship runs in the Big 12 and Big Ten. He’s been known to be a good recruiter in the past and has solid connections in the world of coaching."

2. Talk about his offensive scheme a little bit. What has worked? Where have they been bogged down?
JH: "Beck likes to be multiple and run an offense that ultimately prides itself on taking what the defense gives team. At Nebraska, we have seen him run 75/25 on both pass/run spectrums. It’s just really what he sees on film leading up the week and what the defense does in game. I would say at a place like Nebraska where running the football has been a priority, we are seeing him lean more to that recently, but it’s also in large part because of Heisman contending running back Ameer Abdullah and former Plano star Rex Burkhead, who’s now in the NFL."

"When it comes to being bogged down, I would say they were limited on offense at times over the years when Taylor Martinez was his starting quarterback, but you took the good with the bad."

3. On the recruiting front, what would he bring to the table as SMU tries to establish itself in the DFW area especially?
JH: "I think the biggest thing he would be able to bring to the table when it comes to DFW is the relationship with the coaches in the area. He was a high school playoff coach at multiple schools considered in the DFW area, so those relationships have been built already to some extent for a guy considered an outsider of Texas. He’s been someone who’s continued to recruit the area as an assistant coach for Nebraska. I also think he would bring a type of offense to the Mustangs that would put up some points while not being gimmicky, so offensive minded players in the area would take notice."

4. What type of coach is Beck? Cool and collected? High energy guy? Talk about his personality a little bit.
JH: "Beck is a pretty laid back guy when it comes to the media and I can’t imagine him being much different in the coaches box – which is where he currently sits at Nebraska. To be honest, I’m sure it’s happened, but I don’t ever remember him actually yelling at a player in a practice. He’s just not that in your face type of coach, but at the same time has a lot of energy in practices."

5. What could SMU fans expect from a Beck football program?
JH: "I think a Beck run football program would put an emphasis on landing the best possible players and would spend a lot of time in DFW. I think it would be a program known for its offensive numbers, but at the same time I think he would put an emphasis on hiring a good defensive coordinator. Beck played at Cardinal Mooney high school, the home of many former great players and college coaches, including the Stoops brothers, Bo Pelini, Vince Marrow (Kentucky), and more. He’s got connections in the college football landscape and I think he would be able to put together a pretty solid staff."

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