10-15 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU basketball practice today and has notes plus a Q&A with Jordan Tolbert, while Andrew talked to Ben Emelogu

Ben Emelogu Q&A

Jordan Tolbert Q&A

"Jump to the Ball"

We have seen this before, but the focus for the first part of practice was jumping to the ball and “seeing both man and ball” on defense. The team has done a good job of talking on defense during practice, but K.T. Turner and Coach Brown called them out for not talking enough on a couple possessions.

Screens and Picks

Ball screens and pick-and-rolls were another focal point of practice, both running and defending them. Coach Brown was quick to notice mistakes on both ends, especially at the start of practice. But a lot of the players were quick to ask Brown questions to clarify the proper fundamentals and assignments. He wanted the offense to focus on getting the ball inside. He told the big men to screen before slipping down into the paint. He said the first look on pick-and-roll passes should go to the roll man.

Passing a bit shaky

A number of passes missed high and went out of bounds. Larry also was unhappy with some of the decisions made in the passing game. Several times, lobs to the inside were successful, but Brown stressed that good defensive teams will steal those passes. Brown also referred to Frazier, Nic Moore and Sterling Brown as “ball-movers.”

Keith Frazier has tough practice

Brown was unhappy with Frazier for much of practice. He criticized his lack of passing on one possession and lack of hustle on another. He also went to the wrong spot on offense a couple times. Keith has shown improvement since practice started last week and has bought in to Brown’s philosophy, so there’s no reason to think today was more than just a rough day.

Practice Quick Hits

— Rick Hart was at practice today.

Jean-Michael Mudiay was practicing with the team.

— Brown was impressed with Yanick Moreira’s rebounding all practice.

— Every day, Ben Moore looks more comfortable handling the ball. Nic Moore did pick his pocket once, but it was more of a heads-up play by Nic than an error by Ben.

— The coaches were a few minutes late to arrive for practice and were not seen prior, likely because of the Shake Milton commitment.

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