Decision Day: Admon Gilder

Dallas Madison SG Admon Gilder makes his college choice today at 11 a.m. CT. Pony Stampede will be there with you through the decision!

SMU got a big commitment from Shake Milton yesterday. Today, Admon Gilder picks from SMU, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M from Madison HS at 11 a.m. CT. Pony Stampede will be there to bring you all the coverage. Here's what you need to know about Gilder's decision day.

Admon Gilder Quick Hits
Height/Weight: 6-2, 185 pounds
High School: James Madison (Tex.)
Hometown: Dallas, Tex.
Rating: Four-star prospect by
Ranking: 30th-ranked shooting guard in 2015
AAU Team: Dallas Mustangs
Side Note: Gilder was teammates on the Dallas Mustangs with current SMU guard Ben Emelogu, who transferred to SMU after his freshman year, and has talked with Gilder about the positives of coming to SMU.

Gilder sounds off on choices

SMU: “What really stood out was how close the players were and how much love the players get from the coaches everyday,” Gilder said. “It’s like a family place. Even on and off the court. Anytime one of their players needs help or when I’d need help, they’re all going to be able to help me.”

Oklahoma State: “I really like them, Coach [Travis] Ford, Coach [Butch] Pierre, and they have Coach [James] Dickey. Coach Dickey was the first coach to offer me a scholarship when he was at University of Houston. And I like them that they always get Dallas players…They just got one Juwan Evans. They are known to get Dallas players and I like that.”

Baylor: "You know they go the new football field that they just built and that’s probably one of the nicest facility I’ve ever seen,” Gilder said. “The whole coaching staff is an energetic staff and they’re energetic all the time so they’re always bringing energy, showing Baylor love and all that. They mostly go to the [NCAA] Tournament every year and have good players coming out and going to the NBA.”

Texas A&M: "A&M has followed me for a long time, offering me in my sophomore year," Gilder said. "I have a great relationship with coach Kennedy. He came to almost all my games this summer."

Admon Gilder Evaluation

Strengths: Gilder is a solid three-point shooter. Gilder could be compared to more of a Keith Frazier with better ball handling coming out of high school. Beyond the arc, Gilder can catch and shoot with solid rhythm and knows where to find his spot for his point guard to find him for the open three. Gilder can find the open man and doesn't seem phased when taking the ball up the court in transition.

Areas to Improve: Gilder can improve on his ball handling because he's not a true point guard, but Gilder is much better than Frazier was coming out of high school in terms of handles. Gilder's key area of development will be in defense. That's how players earn minutes in Brown's system and there's no doubt everyone can improve on defense before getting to Larry Brown.

Admon Gilder at NBPA Top 100 Camp

The Predictions

I've said it for a while now. I got SMU because of the relationship with coach Maligi. Gilder is Maligi's first big shot at a Dallas Mustang since being at SMU and he won't miss. Even with the addition of Shake Milton yesterday, Gilder has a specific role on this team and that's to be a scorer. The one thing that could take SMU out of it is if the staff thinks they're set at scoring with who they've got. The staff had to be aggressive on both Milton and Gilder, but could Gilder now go elsewhere? Yes.

I still think Gilder wants to put on for his city. While Gilder won't say it, he also wants Elijah Thomas with him at the next level. Can't blame him. Gilder's best chance is to get Thomas to sign up to play for Brown, who could be looking for a forward to take some serious minutes next season if Markus Kennedy leaves and with Yanick Moreira and Cannen Cunningham graduating. Gilder wants to stay with what's comfortable and that's with Maligi and Brown at SMU. If Gilder and Thomas commit, a few AAC titles could be in SMU's future as well.

In the end, I think Gilder's relationship with SMU assistant coach Ulric Maligi and the chance to play for Hall of Famer Larry Brown, are why the James Madison shooting guard ends up a Mustang. Gilder will have the opportunity to come in, compete for early playing time, and learn from one of the best minds in basketball in Coach Brown. To top it off, the four-star guard will also get to play close to home, which hasn't been a deciding factor for Gilder, but is a positive in this case.

With the addition of Shake Milton, SMU will have some depth in the back court, but there should be enough minutes to go around for Gilder to make somewhat of an impact freshman year. Plus, Gilder has the ability to shoot from the perimeter and take it to the hoop, so he could easily play the one or two. But most of all, Gilder would fit in at SMU because he plays unselfish basketball, which is important on this Larry Brown coached team.

I think Admon Gilder will pick SMU. I think his decision ultimately comes down to SMU and Oklahoma State. Gilder will be tempted by Oklahoma State and the chance to play with friend Jawun Evans, and he could bring Elijah Thomas with him. But Gilder’s relationship with SMU assistant coach Ulric Maligi, his former AAU coach, will win out. He will choose to play in his hometown for the Mustangs.

I truly believe come Thursday afternoon, Gilder will be a future Mustang. I think the SMU staff has done a great job of selling Gilder on the great fit he would be at SMU. Judging by what Gilder said after his visit to SMU, it sounded like he was really able to build a connection with Larry Brown and start developing that relationship. Secondly, Gilder is a Dallas Mustang and already has that connection with Ulric Maligi that he has been able to work very much in SMU’s favor. As for the fit, I think Gilder is a tremendous fit for the Mustangs. Gilder is a great passer and there is no doubt he will be able to flat out shoot it once he gets on campus. Gilder could stand to get a little bit quicker, but that is certainly something he can work on at SMU. One other positive for Gilder is he would certainly get to play early on at SMU, but with a whole host of talented guards, the pressure would not all be on Gilder right away.

I think landing Shake yesterday hurts the attractiveness of SMU for other guards. These guys want to go to places where they can see some significant minutes and have real impact on a team. That being said, I don't think it is enough to deter Gilder from picking SMU. My reasons for believing this are the same as they were for Shake- you cannot talk about SMU's coaching staff enough. If Gilder is as close to Maligi as we have been led to believe, I think SMU will land him.

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