10-16 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was at SMU football practice and grabbed some Q&As plus notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

Taylor Lasecki Q&A

Spotlight: Secondary

This secondary really seems to be playing well. Nice to see both Darrion and J.R. out there playing well and starting to make plays on a consistent basis.Both had interceptions today undercutting routes. The other player to look out for is Trey Washington. Washington has been showing up more and more in practice and could see some playing time this weekend. 

Tom Mason Press Conference

— Team was in pads and shorts.

Prescott Line and Darius Durall saw time with the ones with K.C. Nlemchi out. 

Kevin Pope was still spending much of his time working with the linebackers, but did work at the end with the running backs.

— Offensive line worked to the side of practice today picking up blitzes.

Darrion Richardson made a nice pick off Garrett Krstich.

— Krstich did throw the ball better at times today including a deep touchdown to Der'rikk Thompson.

Darius Joseph made a nice touchdown catch before falling to the ground.

— J.R. Richardson picked off Matt Davis on a poorly thrown ball from Davis. 

Kolney Cassel looks to be getting a little bit of confidence back, threw a big time touchdown to Daijuan Stewart.

— Trey Washington had a ball bounce right off his hands on the sideline.

— Lasecki saw time at right guard again with Evan Brown working at center.

Deion Sanders Jr. and Aaron Stafford saw time returning kicks.

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