10-17 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick and Hatts were at SMU basketball practice today and got Q&As with Ben Moore and coach Brown plus notes!

Larry Brown Press Conference

Ben Moore Q&A

Keith Frazier

Coach Brown said before practice he always sees Keith working hard in practice today even if he still has things to learn. Today was one of those days where Keith was working hard but had the coaches correcting him a lot. Larry was working with Keith a lot on staying down on defense even once saying to him “that’s why you get beat is because you don’t stay down.” Larry was also getting on Keith to make the right decision on pick and rolls after he tried to throw it over a double team instead of trying to drive it past the pick and roll. He was praised though for his passing and defense when he was doing things right.

Body Language

Larry stressed body language after a couple consecutive plays by Yanick and Ben Moore. After Moore made an errant pass into the post he stayed where he was, Larry talked about after you make a bad pass, move to a spot where the pass might be able to be saved instead of hanging your head. Yanick then missed a shot and didn’t chase after it, coach Brown stopped practice again and encouraged him to chase after his rebound instead of hanging his head. Larry also talked with the kids about there are turnovers he is ok with, if you are trying to do the right thing he is ok with making mistakes.

Defense: Staying Down, Being Ready, Hands Up

Larry was really getting on defenders to stay down on defense during pressing and in the half court. Two players who Larry seemed to get on the most were Cannen and Keith. Another key point Larry was stressing to his players was to close out with their hands up, he pointed to the defense played by Arizona last year as a perfect way to play defense with your hands up.

Two Tough Practices

Larry stressed to his players that Wednesday’s practice was not good and that they had to get better. He referred to practice Wednesday as a “reality show”. Today coach Brown was frustrated again with the defense and shot selection on multiple occasions. During a 5 on 5 drill, coach Brown stopped practice and asked how many players on the team had come in to watch film of Wednesday’s practice. When only half the players raised their hand, Larry was not thrilled. Practice did get better towards the end as the passing got better, as well as, the defense. The effort level was high the entire practice.

Quick Hits

— Ben Moore was once again running the point during practice, looks to be getting more and more comfortable handling it especially against athletic defenders.

Markus Kennedy was a late arrival to practice.

— Larry Brown was happy with the help defense during the 5 on 5 portion of practice.

— After Yanick Moreira dove for a loose ball, Larry got on the whole team to sprint over and help your teammates up.

— Ben Moore and Markus Kennedy executed a perfect fast break with their passing, Larry encouraged the team to look at the way they were passing it and do that in their own offense.

Jonathan Wilfong made a cut early in practice and threw down a one handed dunk. This drew some screaming and cheering from coach Brown.

— During a 10-minute scrimmage, Nic Moore threw a nice lob to Jordan Tolbert.

— He was not happy however that the team looked exhausted after about 4 minutes of this fast break scrimmage.

— One of Sterling Brown’s AAU coaches was at practice today.

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