10-21 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts and Demo were at SMU hoops practice today! Hatts talked with Yanick Moreira and Nic Moore, while Demo has your notes!

Nic Moore Q&A

Yanick Moreira Q&A

Screens and the two man

Pushing the ball up the court for fast buckets, emphasis on screen placement. LB stressing the use of screens to create better angles on faster tempo possessions. LB really wanted to get the 4 and 5s to finish at the rim- lot of alley oops to Yanick Moreira. Then the team started working on a little two-man game. After successful fast break they'd come back down the court and run some two-man. So, more emphasis on screens and timing. Moreira and Markus Kennedy looked really good running pick and roll.

3-on-3 and 2-on-2

A lot of hand off passes bringing the ball up the court. Once they got into their half court set they tried to set screens, but they kept settling for outside shots- which made coach Brown mad. With the work they had just been doing, he wanted to see them attacking the rim more.

Did I mention screens?

If I had a dollar for every time someone said screen today, I'd be a very rich man.

During full 5-on-5 action coach Brown continued to stress setting quality screens and driving for the basket. It was very obvious that today was all about creating quality looks with quality screens. What seemed to really get coach Brown upset was that they would execute screens early, but when they would "play" it would be sloppy.

Coach Brown wanted to see the screen setter read how he was being guarded and then make the appropriate response- pop or roll. He also wanted the screens to be set closer to the basket. Most of them were being set around the three-point line which was resulting in a lot of jump shots.

Attack the basket

From the beginning of practice every drill was about creating easy opportunities around the rim. Brown wasn't very pleased when everyone kept settling for long range jumpers against poor defense. Once they started to drive and set their screens lower, the baskets were coming left and right.

Practice Quick Hits

Ben Moore volunteered to go first on a defensive drill and did well. He looks very comfortable on defense- very smooth and fluid. He also continuously made good cuts and coach Brown noticed.

— Markus Kennedy had a couple bobbled passes that would have been turnovers. Looked like he was taking his eyes off the ball too soon.

— Yanick Moreira's mid-range jumper was falling for him today- it really looked sharp. You can he's been putting in work. Overall, he looked solid today.

Jonathan Wilfong had a great practice. He made three really nice passes that led to easy buckets and made a nice cut and finished at the rim. He didn't get very many looks, but he made the most of them. He even had a nice, no-look, over the shoulder pass to Kennedy.

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