10-22 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick and Hatts were at SMU basketball practice today and talked with coach Brown and Keith Frazier plus grabbed notes!

Larry Brown Press Conference

SMU G Keith Frazier Q&A

Dribble handoffs

Practice starting with same dribbling drills as Monday followed by the usual shooting practice. The teams started with half-court offense work with just the offense on the court and did lots of dribble-handoffs that led into setting screens. Instead of going for the layup, the ball handler used the screen to pull up and shoot a jumper a lot of the time.

More screens and handoffs

In full team work, the offense practice more dribble handoffs and screens. Full team work also had a scrimmage feel to it. Larry let the team run a couple possessions before stopping to explain something. He wanted the offense to focus on getting the ball to the post off the screens and getting the big men in proper position coming off screens.

Ugly drills

Also like Monday, the team did the one-on-one guarding drill that everyone hates, where each player guards four consecutive players, then gets in line to go on offense. They also did more trap drills where two defenders trap the ball handler. The ball handler has to get the pass off and the defenders try to get a turnover without fouling.

Keith Frazier

Keith seemed to have a better practice today in terms of engagement and doing more right things. Still has got to get better on the defensive end and in terms of awareness. Larry was getting on Keith about being more aware ,however , as at one point he was running with his dead straight down the court and missed an opportunity to have a double team. Keith was once again listening though and was asking questions. Keith showed some of his great athletic ability getting up for an alley oop from Ben Moore.

Markus Kennedy

Markus had s good practice today. Seemed focused but was also upbeat at one point joking with Larry about his shoes. Kennedy participated in the whole practice. Was a little less vocal early in practice than usual but got more vocal as practice went along and did a lot of good things. Kennedy had a nice defensive play midway through practice where he picked off a pass over the middle off a double team. During shooting drills Markus shot it really well today both on pull up jumpers, as well as, on catching and shooting. Markus didn’t miss a shot during the pull up jumpers portion and only two during catching and shooting. Late in practice Markus did show a little bit of frustration after a few missed jump hooks.

Practice Quick Hits

Nic Moore asked a legitimate question and Larry began his response with “I’ve been here 45 years [just trust me]”

— Markus was joking with Larry about his red shoes and actually got a laugh out of coach. Larry then changed his shoes but to nice black ones.

Jean-Michael Mudiay was practicing once again today.

— Another edgy practice where coach was getting on the guys a lot once again body language was a focus.

— Ben Moore showing some range, hit a three during scrimmage.

— Everyone in general was louder today and more vocal on defense.

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