10-28 Football Practice Notebook

Hatts was at SMU football practice and has your notebook and Q&As with Matt Davis and Stephon Sanders.

SMU QB Matt Davis Q&A

SMU LB Stephon Sanders Q&A

Spotlight: Matt Davis

Matt Davis struggled throwing the ball again today. Davis could not seem to avoid A.J. Justice and also threw a couple of balls high. Davis was showing an improved accuracy, at least for today, early in practice when he was hitting some nice routes over the middle and to the sideline, but once he got picked off by Justice that seemed to rattle him. One thing Davis seems to be working on his patience in the pocket and not just taking off running, but instead sliding his feet.

Practice Quick Hits

— Team was in full pads today, but it was a quieter practicing with not a lot of hitting.

Kolney Cassel got some snaps today and looked good. Threw a strong pass across the field to Stephen Nelson.

Ryheem Malone had a great day of practice with a couple great grabs including one falling back in the end zone and the other along the sideline.

— There was once again a rotation between Prescott Line and Luke Seeker.

— Stephen Nelson had a good practice today catching a ton of balls, while Der'rikk Thompson struggled with some drops.

— A.J. Justice picked off Matt Davis right off his ankles.

— Justice had a great practice as he made another diving interception later in practice.

William Jeanlys joined the fun by tipping a deep from Cassel to himself for an interception.

Darrion Richardson had a nice pick over the middle as well undercutting a pass from Darrell Colbert.

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