10-28 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU basketball practice and has your notebook for today as SMU closes in on its first game!

Offense in space

Practice started with the team splitting into guards and forwards to practice moves on offense without defense. The guards practiced passing and using screens to get to the hoop. A couple of the coaches played the big men in this drill and helped in passing and setting the imaginary screens. The forwards practice their scoring moves to the basket and floating passes to the big man under the basket.

Floor spacing and cuts

The next part of practice was five-on-five half-court offense, where the team focused on spacing on offense and cutting at the right time. They ran a lot pick and rolls and ball screens, on which Larry Brown emphasized spacing for the guys away from the screen. On ball screens, he wanted someone on the baseline to be ready for a drive and a dunk after getting the ball.

Keith Frazier has solid passing day

Keith had an OK overall practice, but he made a few nice passes. He made a nice no-look pass from the free-throw line to Jean-Michael Mudiay right below the basket, but Mudiay did not finish the layup. He threaded the needle on a pass from 15-ish feet out to Cannen Cunningham under the basket, but Cunningham could not handle it. Frazier looks like he understands the offense more, and even if he takes some bad shots, he understands the concepts Larry is preaching.

Quick hits

— Practice started early and ended early, probably for the coaches, Cunningham and Ryan Manuel to travel to New York for media day.

Ben Moore’s mid-range games looked great today. He made a nice mid-range jumper and a three-pointer in five-on-five practice.

— Larry told Kennedy to “get fouled every time” and “just run through guys” every time he goes to lay it up with defenders around.

Nic Moore made a perfect alley-oop pass to Manuel on the fast break.

— Cunningham got the ball on the block, faked a jump to fool two defenders, then took the easy dunk.

— Frazier shot a contested, off balance three-pointer. Larry was not pleased afterward, saying, “That’s not a shot!”

— Fraizer later passed up a relatively open three from the corner. He drove it before passing it off.

Jordan Tolbert got an alley-oop pass, and after missing the initial dunk, he recovered and jumped back up to tip it back in, drawing a round of applause from the team and coaches.

— Tolbert shot a mid-range jumper, but Larry got on him for not following his shot.

— Jean Michael Mudiay made a three-pointer.

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