10-31 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick and Scott were at SMU basketball practice on Halloween. We've got Q&As with coach Brown and Kevin Dunleavy.

Larry Brown Q&A

SMU G Kevin Dunleavy Q&A


The team spent a lot of time on shooting drills. The normal pre-practice shooting work lasted much longer than the usual five-ish minutes. The big men practice pulling up and taking shots from the elbow area. Larry wanted them to practice driving in a straight line and pulling up. Yanick Moreira had a good day shooting the ball in drills.

Screen Work

Practice started with offense-only five-man work on screen plays and pick and pops. The big men would set screens and then get the ball right back for a dunk, or pass it back out and run a screen play again. They also practiced getting a dunk for the wing coming from the corner.

Coach Brown vocal

Coach Brown was tough on the team today, getting aggravated with Keith Frazier, Ben Moore and Ryan Manuel all on separate occasions. Coach raised his voice more than usual, getting angry when he had to say things more than once. Coach even got mad at Frazier for not taking a shot, saying he makes nine out of 10 those mid-range shots, why pass that up? As much as he was hard on the team, he was also encouraging when they did things right yelling.

Ben Moore's nice day

Ben Emelogu was not at practice so Ben Moore got the majority of playing time at the back up point guard spot. The big man showed some nice handles and passing ability. Moore looked confident handling the ball and made both chest and bounce passes with authority. The team went on to work on breaking the press where Moore looked solid. Ben also looked good shooting the ball and taking the ball to the hoop, hitting shot from 18-feet and in consistently.

Practice Quick Hits

— Ben Emelogu was not at practice today.

Justin Martin was riding the bike and walking around during practice. Coach Brown said they’re hopeful he’ll be ready for Lamar.

Nic Moore made two beautiful lob passes to Markus Kennedy for alley oops.

— Coach Brown was very happy with Yanick Moreira’s defensive effort during drills, especially the use of his hands.

— Frazier and Moreira banged heads during a drill but both were fine after taking a minute.

— Frazier was also aggravated all practice, struggling from the field and struggling with Coach Brown’s plays.

— Moreira continued to play well on the offensive side, hitting a couple of nice jump hooks.

— Nic Moore uncharacteristically shot an air ball at one point, but otherwise the point guard practiced well.

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