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Attaway loving SMU

By: Andrew Hattersley

Cairo Attaway, a 5-10, 160 pound cornerback from Midway, will be visiting SMU for the third time when SMU hosts USF for homecoming weekend November 15th.

“I plan to visit SMU for their homecoming game vs. USF and their game against University of Houston,” said Attaway.

Attaway has been to SMU on two previous occasions this year and loved his experience so far.

“I’ve been to two SMU home games and I have really enjoyed my time seeing the beautiful campus, girls and facilities there,” said Attaway, “I also have met some other cool recruits at these games from all over the state including offensive lineman Blake Hickey from Godley High School.”

The 2016 cornerback has also been impressed with the work ethic displayed both by the players and coaches during a tough season for the Mustangs.

“They are a solid and hard working team focused on improving,” said Attaway, “I believe that coach Mason is doing his very best as head coach, just like anyone would try to do in a program’s rebuilding stage.”

Attaway says most of his invites have come from coach Mason and that SMU is among his top 3 schools.

As for Attaway’s high school season, that has been a huge success as his Midway team is among the highest ranked in the country.

“So far the season is going pretty well for us, we’re currently 7-0,” said Attaway “My team has also been ranked 5th in the state and 8th in the country. We have two more district games, then we head into the playoffs against Garland High School in the first round.”

The Midway cornerback has also been in contact with Missouri, UTSA, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Abilene Christian.

2017 guard has SMU at the top

By: Billy Embody

SMU is one of the first two schools to offer North Crowley (Tex.) 2017 shooting guard Jordan Myers and is building a solid relationship.

"I've talked to coach Maligi a couple times. We're real cool," Myers said. "I haven't talked to him in a week, but we're always getting in touch with each other and just talking about school and how I can improve my game."

Myers' relationship with Maligi and SMU's location has the Mustangs right in it for the budding star.

"It'd be a top three team that I'm considering," Myers said. "As long as we keep communicating and we get to know each other, that's all I care about."

It's pretty simple why SMU is right at the top for Myers.

"It's close to home. I can be near my family. That's pretty much it."

Coach Larry Brown is a huge selling point and Myers got some advice from one of Brown's most successful players on a trip once.

"He's (Brown) the greatest. Me and A.I. (Allen Iverson) talked once at SMU and he told me he didn't like practice, but practice makes perfect. Coach Brown echoed that."

Myers is planning on visiting for his first game at Moody Coliseum this year, but isn't a stranger to the Hilltop.

"I've been two or three times. I'm busy with basketball in high school right now."

Baylor is the other school to offer Myers and they have an in with one of their incoming freshmen.

"They've got a freshman, King McClure, and we talk all the time," the 6-3, 170 pound guard said. "We're always hanging out and working in the gym together. Isaiah Austin used to be there too."

Myers is right there with some of the top players in the 2017 class, but knows there's room for improvement.

"I'm not quite where I should be or where I want to be, but I'm working on it," Myers said. "Just working on my IQ more and knocking down the shot and communicating better with my team."

Myers' major focus is on his high school seasons the next few years.

"Just winning state all three years, winning MVP and just working hard."

Myers will be on the Houston Elite AAU team this upcoming year. He's also received interest from Texas A&M, Kansas, Ohio State, Arizona, Texas Tech and North Carolina.

Hamilton's coach talks SMU and Hamilton's game

By: Patrick Engel

SMU has a substantial need for big men in the class of 2015, and the Mustangs have been targeting Jacksonville (Tex.) College center Johnny Hamilton for the last month.

Hamilton caught SMU’s eye at the Dallas Jamboree, a junior college showcase, in early October and picked up an offer shortly after. Larry Brown and K.T. Turner made the short trip to East Texas in late October to watch him practice. Both have also regularly talked with his coach, Jody Bailey.

Hamilton started playing basketball at the age of 16, and he came to the United States from Trinidad and Tobago to play basketball in college.

“He started playing because he grew,” Bailey said. “All of a sudden he is 6-foot-11, and it’s like ‘you need to play basketball.’”

Hamilton played great defense in his first year of college, Bailey said. He averaged 2.1 blocks per game and 5.9 rebounds per game.

“Defense makes him intriguing for SMU and other schools,” Bailey said. “Defensively, he’s a really nice piece to a puzzle.”

However, his offensive skills are still a work in progress, as shown by his 3.6 points per game. But Bailey was still impressed with his performance.

‘He had a really good year as a first-year player,” Bailey said. “It wasn’t great, but he’s coming from Trinidad, so you have to take that into account. He’s done a much better job in the weight room, a much better job in the classroom and a much better job on the practice court.”

In addition to Hamilton’s improvement on offense this offseason, Bailey said he has built more endurance.

“His stamina has increased, and he’s sustaining that a little bit longer,” he said. “Before, he couldn’t handle a college practice…He also has excellent hands and he’s finishing more around the rim and making more back to the basket moves.

Hamilton has offers from SMU, Old Dominion, Oklahoma State, and George Mason. Bailey said that Arkansas, Indiana, Wichita State, Virginia Tech, New Mexico, Texas-Arlington have all called him to express interest. He will sign during the late signing period in April.

“SMU will be involved,” Bailey said. “As far as where it ranks I’m not sure.”

Hamilton is a bit skinny at 210 pounds, but Bailey thinks he will add a lot of weight when he starts a Division I weight program and gets unlimited meal plans.

2016 Kimball quarterback talks SMU interest

By: Demetrio Teniente

Kimball high school of Dallas is having a decent 2014 campaign with an overall record of 6-3 and a district record of 4-1.

Much of their success is due to the production of junior quarterback Ryan Ross.

The 6-0 155 pound 2016 quarterback has amassed 2170 passing yards and 26 touchdowns and boasts a 60.7 completion rating over seven games.

He has a ton of upside, but because he is a junior programs are keeping their distance from him until they are absolutely sure of what he can do.

Over the summer he camped with Oklahoma St. and New Mexico- he says these are the two programs showing the most amount of interest in him, but they aren’t the only ones.

“I don’t have any offers yet.” He said. “But Oklahoma State is looking at me. So, I’m getting interest from Oklahoma State, New Mexico, Houston, Illinois, Missouri, Utah and that’s about it right now- oh and SMU.”

It’s no surprise SMU was a bit of an afterthought for him. He says they haven’t shown as much interest in him as Oklahoma St. or New Mexico, but he thinks they will come around eventually. Actually, he is confident that a lot of programs will start to pay closer attention to him.

“My reads are better and my decision making is better,” he said. “It’s like the game is easier now than last year- it’s not as fast. There are a lot of people telling me that I am going to get [offered]. I just need to stay patient. The fact that I haven’t- it motivates me even more to get out there and prove people wrong and that I can get offered by anybody.”

Ultimately, he hasn’t given up on SMU. He is scheduled to make an unofficial visit to the Hilltop on November 15 when the Mustangs host USF for Homecoming.

As it stands right now, his interest in SMU is at a five or six on a scale of ten.

“I’m looking for a good fan base, good education, good coaches, good area and somewhere not too far from home because I want to have my family come watch me play.”

Ross says he gets the strongest feeling from New Mexico, which would be his No.1 choice if he could go where he wanted.

One of the reasons he would like to play for New Mexico, is that they have a running back on their roster named Teriyon Gipson.

“He used to play running back here.” Ross said. “I want to get a chance to play with him again.”

Time will tell where Ross ends up, and given that he is in the 2016 class, there is plenty of time to figure that out. Until then, he is going to keep playing football, making visit, and doing everything he can to get on the radars of as many scouts as possible.

Kimball DE ready for SMU visit

By: Andrew Hattersley

Kelvin Harris Jr., a 6-1, 265 pound defensive end from Kimball High School, is beginning to get visits set up with schools, and SMU is on his list to visit in the coming weeks.

Harris Jr., a part of the 2016 class, will be visiting SMU for their homecoming game against USF November 15th.

“I feel like SMU could be a very good place for me in the future, I know that they are off to a slow start but I feel like they are going to be back up within a year or two,” said Harris Jr.

Harris also had high praise for the SMU coaching staff , and definitely see’s the school as a fit for him.

“I feel like they are good coaches and I could play under them for years to come,” said Harris Jr. “As long as I do exactly what they tell me to do or ask me to do, good things will happen for me.”

Harris Jr. has been enjoying a good season for Kimball High School including a huge performance early on in the year.

“My season’s been going real good so far, I’ve been leading the D-line in tackles and the third game of the season I had three sacks,” said Harris Jr.

The Kimball High School defensive end knows that was a good performance but still has hopes of being a better pass rusher.

“I need to improve on my pass rush even though I had three sacks I feel like I used my quickness,” said Harris Jr. “I need to improve my pass rush to become the pass rusher that I want to be.”

Harris Jr. has also received interest from UTSA and Oklahoma State.

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