11-4 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was at SMU football practice and grabbed some Q&As plus notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

SMU OL Chauncey Briggs Q&A

Q: How was the bye week and what was the focus for you?
CB: "Bye week for me was more about getting healthy, I had a high ankle so I didn’t practice all of last week or practice Monday so the bye week for me was just about getting healthy and getting back in the tunes of things. For the offensive line trying to work on our technique, our sets, our plays, pretty much pre game against the other team and get things back how they should be."

Q: Tim Davis seems to be even more vocal this week, is that something you guys are used to at this point?
CB: "Coach Davis is always involved, every aspect of the offense he’s involved with whether you’re a running back, or receiver, offensive line, he’s just always involved, he’s a very hands on type of guy, he’s also been implementing some new things for our pass coverage and then some new plays then gets the whole offensive line, and the whole offense involved but he’s been involved since the week he came, he’s loud, he’s rambunctious, pretty much always high intensity, we’ve gotten used to him, he was family as soon as he came out here."

Q: What are you thoughts on Tulsa?
CB: "They seem like a pretty good team, you know you should never knock any team, I’m just being honest, you need to respect them with the utmost let me put it that way, not one team is better than another team. They have a pretty good defensive line, pretty good defense, they seem pretty solid, they have athletic guys, I’m not trying to be funny but you should never put any team on the backburner. That’s team the team we have to focus on, that’s the team we have this week, as an offensive line I feel like we’re pretty ready, and ready to compete, and that’s all we can do is go out and fight."

Q: Coach Mason got on you guys about hustle, did you think it picked up late in practice?
CB: "I feel like we did start off a little slow today, it’s early, guys just have to get back in the groove of things, for your head coach to call you for being a little bit slow or lackadaisical I think that means we need to pick it up a little bit more, we’re always hustling to the ball, we’re always doing something, so its learning how to silence out the tiredness and go out there and fight, there’s no point in walking up to the line, it makes you look weak, so I get where he’s coming from."

Spotlight: Running Backs

K.C. Nlemchi looked good in practice today showing a great burst of speed. He was in a rotation with multiple other running backs, but showed he will be able to provide this offense a boost immediately. Also back in action was Darius Durall who looked good as well on a rotation with the other running backs. Prescott Line and Luke Seeker saw time at running back as well.

Practice Quick Hits

— Team was in full pads today.

— Coach Mason gathered the team together and urged them to pick up the hustle in practice.

— Nlemchi and Durall were both practicing today.

Matt Davis was especially vocal at practice today encouraging his teammates.

— Davis looked ok in practice today looking more settled and making some nice throws, but also a couple very high throws.

Beau Barnes picked off Garrett Krstich on a poorly thrown ball over the middle.

— After the interception, coach Mason got on the team about picking up the pace of practice.

Hayden Greenbauer picked off Matt Davis on a throw over the middle.

Darius Joseph had a great one handed grab in the corner of the end zone on a throw from Davis.

— Practice was chippy at times today.

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