11-4 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU basketball practice and has your notebook and a Q&A with SMU F Ben Moore.

SMU F Ben Moore Q&A

More dunking

Everyone did some dunking practice today. Guards practice spin moves to the hoop and finishing with a dunk. Forwards practiced moves to the basket with the ball, starting at the elbow. They also did a dunk drill where they threw the ball off the glass, then grabbed it and dunked it to practice putbacks and slamming home rebounds before a defender can grab it.

Full court offense

The team did an offense drill that practiced inbounding and speeding the ball up the court against pressure defenses. Coach Brown took the team through it step-by-step at first to make sure the positioning and ball placement was entrenched in every player’s mind.

Ben Moore still improving

Ben Moore’s ball handing looks better every day, and like he said in his interview, he’s getting comfortable playing guard. His knowledge of the other players’ positioning has improved. He threw a pass out of bounds, but it went out because Yanick Moreira was late to turn around and see it. Coach Brown told Moore it was the right pass.

Practice Quick Hits

Ben Emelogu unleashed a sick spin-move dunk in dunk drills. He jumped from about halfway to the free throw line.

— The big men practiced some step back jumpers, which they all shot well.

Markus Kennedy made an 18-footer in scrimmages. He’s trusting his mid-range game more and more.

— Kennedy also made seven threes in a row in shootaround.

Keith Frazier took a fadeway three on the first pass of a play and air balled it.

Cannen Cunningham also made a rare three-point attempt.

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