11-5 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio was at SMU football practice this morning with Casey Waldron, who talked with coach Daniels and Derek Longoria.

SMU LB Coach Eric Daniels Q&A

SMU LB Coach Derek Longoria Q&A

Practice Quick Hits

— Offensively, it wasn’t the best of days as practice conditions were a little rough with a constant downpour of rain.

— There were a lot of dropped and overthrown balls.

— Practice was held in Ford Stadium today as the practice field were muddy mess.

— Near the end of practice Mason had the offense down inside the red zone and had them try to score.

— The defense bowed its back and kept them out of the end zone- prompting a lot of cheers from defensive players on the sideline.

— At the end of practice all the players ran off the field and into the tunnel, joking and laughing with their teammates and coaches.

— The weather might have been miserable, but the team certainly wasn’t.

— It may have looked like a bad practice overall, but you could tell that the effort was there today.

— Last practice Mason called for more effort and today, they must have shown him enough because he seemed, at the very least, content with what he saw.

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