11-7 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts and Patrick were at SMU basketball practice today and have a Q&A with Cannen Cunningham plus notes!

SMU C Cannen Cunningham Q&A

Working Against No Defense

Early in practice the team was running a fast break drill followed that was finished with a lob. Down the other end, coach Brown had the team work on their half court offense as well as inbound plays. One of the points of this emphasis was to always finish strong with a dunk even if it was off a rebound, as well as, positioning.

Working Against The Press

The team worked in a 3 v. 3 press. Coach Brown was on the defense about staying down the entire time. On offense coach Brown was telling everyone not to dribble right in front of the defender. After that they switched to working with just 2 on offense and defense with the focus being on double teams.

Keith Frazier

Keith Frazier had a good day of practice and was very engaged today. While on defense, Keith was getting his hands up and putting in a lot of effort on the defense end. Frazier also was handling the pressure drills well throughout practice. Finally, Keith was very upbeat with his teammates and much more vocal than usual. As well as being more vocal, Keith’s confidence seems to be a lot better, after making a shot off one pass, Keith immediately gave Ryan a pat on his back and went right back to his spot.

Working Against a Zone

Coach Brown had the offense deal with being trapped and continuing to move the ball. Another point of emphasis was to move as a defense and not let anyone get behind you. The final focus during this drill was to continuously keep your hands up. After some initial struggles, the offense started flowing much better later in the drill.

Practice Quick Hits

— Coach Brown stressed to the team to continue working the ball to get used to playing that way.

— Players were having some fun today, huddling before each play during an inbounding drill.

Sterling Brown did not have his best practice today, was putting in the effort but had a couple mistakes late in practice.

— Cannen Cunningham drained another three today although Larry didn’t love the shot selection.

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