11-10 Hoops Practice Notebook

Scott was at SMU basketball practice today and Patrick talked with Keith Frazier before. Hear what Larry Brown had to say before practice as well!

SMU HC Larry Brown Press Conference

SMU SG Keith Frazier

Nic Moore Taking on Leadership Role

It wasn’t the entire practice, but throughout the practice Nic Moore made a point of being more vocal than he has been in the past. During drills he was encouraging his teammates and helped explain things to teammates that were confused. Moore also did a nice job of stressing tempo to his teammates while keeping everyone focused with Lamar just around the corner.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

The team worked a lot on fast break passing, scoring and pushing the tempo. Coach Brown continuously emphasized the need to keep passing until they got an easy shot, and that once they had a lay up to not pass on it. Both Ben and Nic Moore looked good during this drill with both hitting a couple jump shots each and Ben throwing down a few monster dunks.

Keith Frazier still learning a lot from Coach Brown

Coach Brown was on Keith Frazier the entire practice. Frazier struggled shooting but passed and played defense well. You could tell Frazier was getting frustrated when Coach Brown continued to stop practice to fix something he did, but by the end Frazier looked as if he was getting the hang of things.

Practice Quick Hits

— The team worked on perimeter passing and alley-oop passing.

Ryan Manuel got some looks at backup point guard and did just fine.

— In five-on-five drills, Jean-Michael Mudiay made a nice pass from the three-point line into Jordan Tolbert for the easy layup.

Yanick Moreira threw down a monster dunk on Kevin Dunleavy that left the gym speechless. Nic Moore then broke the silence saying, “way to take the charge Kev.”

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