11-11 Hoops Practice Notebook

Demetrio was at SMU basketball practice and has your notebook plus Patrick talked with Ben Emelogu before practice as SMU closes in on its first game.

SMU G Ben Emelogu Q&A

Around the Horn

Practice started with a passing drill where the ball went around the perimeter. The ball started in the corner and around the perimeter four or five times before someone set a screen that set up a lob or pass to the paint. They followed that up by working the same concept but in transition. This drill went particularly well as the guys seemed to really know they plays and how to execute them. The basic plan was give Yanick Moreira a quality pass and let him slam it home. The next drill centered around inbound plays. Most of them resulted in quality three point looks for Keith Frazier and Justin Martin or easy finishes for Yanick and Ben Moore. The keys to these drills were spacing and crisp passing.

The greatest drill of all time

Brown had this insanely awesome drill that started off as a 2-on-1 going one way then became a 3-2 going the other way. Then it was a 4-3 going back and so on and so on until it was 5-on-5. The frenetic pace of this drill exposed a lot- both good and bad. Because everything was happening so quickly it really showed who was grasping the system and who wasn't. It also forced guys to adapt on the fly and think more about their shot selection. A missed shot on a 2-on-1 resulted in poor position for a 3-2 going the other way. This drill was awesome. Brown was able to do a lot of teaching, the guys had fun with it, and it got them playing at very high speed.

Screens: it wouldn't be practice without them

Brown is certainly hammering the guys over the head with screens, but it is effective. Compared to the three weeks ago, their screens are unquestionably better. You can tell they’ve been working on them a lot. Brown isn’t completely satisfied yet- I mean, he probably does most of his yelling during this drill. But the improvements are there. I didn’t see a screen set way above the arc, nor did I see someone let a solid screen go to waste by misreading it.

Practice Quick Hits

— Frazier looked engaged from the very beginning today. His shot looked very good too.

Nic Moore was being much more vocal.

— Ben Moore has a solid day, was active on the boards and had a couple nice finishes around the rim.

Jordan Tolbert had a great practice and was going all out. Had a bunch of rebounds and put backs- his effort was off the charts today.

— Ben Emelogu’s shot looks really smooth. He’s showing more confidence in it and in his role with this team- I don’t see any hesitation to take shots.

— No Markus Kennedy at practice today.

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