Who's left on the board?

There's still a spot or two left in the 2015 class that won't be filled in the early signing period. Who should the SMU staff focus on?

Billy: Johnny Hamilton (or a transfer)

Johnny Hamilton is a bit raw and Shawntrez Davis is the best forward SMU is currently pursuing, but with Yanick Moreira, Cannen Cunningham and the likelihood of Markus Kennedy all departing, SMU needs a rim protector. The Mustangs don't need to have Hamilton on the floor every second or for him to contribute right away. Hamilton's growth as a presence on the defensive end and the talent he has to improve his offensive game are good enough reason to go after the 6-11, 220 pound big man. SMU will always have solid depth of 6-7 to 6-9 players, but landing Davis as a legitimate big man will help. SMU could also find a transfer to fill this void left by Cunningham and Moreira, which would be ideal because they'd likely be more polished. Landing a transfer that can step in at the 5 for minutes will be important for the staff in my book.

Scott: Shawntrez Davis

Shawntrez Davis has to be at the top of SMU's list. The Mustangs are a little late to the party, but the big is worth it. At 6-foot-9, Davis is a true power forward that can block shots and uses his athletic ability to help position himself down low. Davis is the most talented player the Mustangs are going after now, but SMU may be too late to the game.

Patrick: Johnny Hamilton

Larry Brown would love to have a dominant rim protector, and Hamilton is well on his way to becoming one. He is pretty new to basketball and has a long way to go on offense, but with proper teaching his defensive and shot blocking ability could remind Brown of one of his former defensive whizzes, Ben Wallace.

Hatts: Shawntrez Davis

I think the biggest get for the Mustangs would be to get Shawntrez Davis and let him grow as a part of this class. Davis offers very good size and good athleticism that would be a nice option for this team. He would likely be coming off the bench early on that would allow Davis to continue to bulk up. I don’t think he’s going to be that big bruiser, like a Markus Kennedy, but I think he is athletic enough to pose problems for other forwards.

Demo: Luis Montero

This is tough… Davis, Hassan Thomas and A.J. Patty are pretty solid bigs and SMU needs bigs…but Montero is a cold blooded killer. SMU is so guard/wing heavy, but if I could have it my way though, I’d grab Montero because I think Brown could turn him into a monster. That being said, the most important player(s) are Hassan Thomas and Davis. In my opinion they are pretty even and its really a toss up between the two. Montero though…

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