Barefield or Milton?

Sedrick Barefield and Shake Milton are SMU's two point guards in the 2015 class, but who would the Pony Stampede staff take? The staff sounds off on the two SMU signees!

Billy: Sedrick Barefield

Milton's length and athleticism is probably better than Barefield, but I see Barefield's long term production at point guard to be better. Milton has the ability to move off the ball regardless of his aspirations to get to the NBA as a point guard. Larry Brown was all over Barefield early and landed his services early in the process. I fully expect Barefield to thrive in SMU's pick-and-roll with SMU's future bigs. With SMU's future depth in the front court not as solidified as it is now, Barefield will need to make the players around him better and he's best suited to do that at point guard, where he will run the show for SMU for years.

Scott: Shake Milton

Right now, I give the edge to Shake Milton because of his ability to score and his length, but Barefield isn't far behind. Both bring different important qualities to SMU and both should be successful. Barefield should develop into a very solid four year player, but Milton ha a higher ceiling.

Patrick: Sedrick Barefield

Barefield because he is a true point guard who knows the ins and outs of the position. Milton mostly played shooting guard and on the wing. While he can be a successful point guard, he will contribute at other positions too. I picture Barefield in Nic Moore’s role and Milton in a Ben Emelogu-type role. Barefield’s game has really improved and he will be a leader as soon as he arrives at SMU.

Hatts: Shake Milton

Both Milton and Barefield will end up as solid players but I think Milton will end up being a little bit better of a player. I think one of the big advantages Milton has is his length. Defensively and offensively this will be huge under Larry Brown’s system. As for Barefield, I think he is going to be a very solid option off the bench, however, I just don’t think he’s quite as athletic as Milton.

Demo: Shake Milton

If I’m looking at them as point guards, I have to go with Milton. I know Barefield is actually a one while Milton is a two, but I like his versatility and overall athleticism over Barefield. And that’s not a knock on Barefield, I just think Milton is just as skilled a facilitator as him probably a more rounded player.

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