Grading the SMU coaching staff

The Pony Stampede staff grades the SMU coaches on this class. SMU landed some quality players, but what grade did they deserve?

Billy: B

It's imperative for SMU to land a big man in this class. Landing the point guards of the future in Sedrick Barefield and Shake Milton were huge with Nic Moore departing after this year or next, but all great point guards want to play with a great big man. SMU is still searching for a long term solution in the front court. Ben Moore will be a junior, Jordan Tolbert will graduate and Justin Martin is one-and-done for SMU, plus Yanick Moreira, Cannen Cunningham and Markus Kennedy's likely departure will leave the front court depth in flux. The staff did a great job on Barefield, Milton and Jarrey Foster, but they'll need to pick up a big man. Whether it's transfers, JUCO or high school, the staff will find someone to come in, but until then this class is not finished. I've got great confidence in the staff to do this, but because they're still looking for the answer, I've got them at a B.

Scott: B+

At the moment, the staff gets a B+ in my book. Milton, Barefield and Foster are all solid additions to the program and will make the Mustangs better. But the staff has struck out on big men so far and that is a little concerning. There's obviously still time, but missing on guys like Davis and Elijah Thomas, especially because they're local, doesn't look good for them.

Patrick: A/A-

Larry Brown: A. The SMU head coach traveled all over during the summer and fall. During the live periods in July, he went coast to coast in a day. He traveled to Houston and sold Jarrey Foster on SMU, but more importantly, he identified Foster as a hidden talent even with a torn ACL. It’s hard to give the Hall of Famer anything but an ‘A’ because of the effort he put in.

Assistants: A-. K.T. Turner was the main reason Shake Milton pledged to SMU. He started building a relationship with Milton when he was at Wichita State, and it carried over to SMU. He deserves most of the credit for making Milton a Mustang. He was also involved in Sedrick Barefield’s recruitment and has started to attack the JUCO recruiting trail lately. Ulric Maligi could not reel in Admon Gilder, one of his Dallas Mustangs kids, but he should not be blamed for it. When D.J. Hogg and Tyler Davis committed to Texas A&M, there was a feeling Gilder and close friend Thomas could follow. Milton’s and Foster’s commitments all but sealed the deal for Gilder to go to A&M. Maligi was also involved in Foster’s recruitment.

Hatts: B+

The SMU coaching staff did a very nice job building a very well rounded class. While it is not complete, they did a very nice job beating out some big schools especially for Shake Milton. I think the other aspect this coaching staff has excelled at is how it is not just Larry contributing, or Ulric, but it seems as if the list of coaches beginning to make an impact is growing, namely K.T Turner.

Demo: A

I don’t see how any staff put together by Larry Brown can be anything less than an A. And even if we were looking at this strictly from a recruiting standpoint- I don’t think anyone questions the recruiting ability of Brown and Ulric Maligi. Then you throw in the rising KT Turner, and I don’t see how you can really get too negative or critical on what they have done.

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