11-12 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts and Patrick were at SMU basketball practice today! Hear from coach Brown plus they've got a notebook!

Larry Brown Part 1

"I love it because I look out and you see a lobster and a leprechaun, but I want things to be unique for our school."

"We lost our two best teammates in Nick and Shawn. We expected Emmanuel to be here and we didn't replace him. If everyone steps up and gets better, we can be good. We have depth and we got good guys. We've got a much tougher schedule and that's a good thing. I'm just worried about Lamar right now."

"We've had two exhibition games, Justin has been out and Ben has been sick, so I just want to find out where we are."

"I would guess they're probably looking ahead because that's that marathon day and we're the feature game. I'm sure everyone's aware how great of a program Gonzaga is, we're going away from home. Their record is ridiculous at home so I'm sure they're looking ahead, but I'm not."

Larry Brown Part 2

"We were just hoping we would be the kind of that type of program that could sustain success. Last year is last year though. We don't have Shawn, we don't have Nick and we don't have Emmanuel. We don't know about Markus. I'm just hoping we can get better and be ready for Lamar."

"He's better. His coach needs to know how to use him. It's been hard not knowing about Markus impacts where he plays so we were messing with him at point guard because with Yanick, Cannen and Markus you have depth up front. He gets better everyday. We're excited about all our young guys."

"I could figure out how to play 10 like that. That's not an easy thing because all their kids expect to play right away. That's not easy. You can get away with it playing games you're supposed to win. Sterling played three minutes our first game against TCU and ended up starting for us, but it's a long season."

Extended Shootaround

The team practiced shooting and dunking for about 20 minutes in the middle of practice. The guards worked on every imaginable shot, from dunks to three-pointers, while the forwards practice dunking and shooting when receiving the ball after setting a screen. Most of the guards had trouble dunking. Keith Frazier and Justin Martin came up short on a couple dunks. Martin still looks like he is recovering from his ankle sprain. Ben Emelogu was also taking it easy as he gets his energy back.

Free Throws to 5-on-5

The team did a drill where a player makes a free throw and then has to defend a 2-on-1 situation, and then each side adds a player until it adds to 5-on-5. Coach Brown wanted quick layups on odd-man drills, and was upset with any other kind of shot taken with a man advantage.

Nic Moore

As Friday’s game approaches, Moore seems to be getting more lively and having a lot more fun. Moore continues to be vocal with everyone on the team. Moore also continues to crack a lot of jokes with the rest of the team and coach. He has also shot the ball very well this week and that continued today especially on pull up jumpers. Nic also made a very nice fade away in the corner without even taking a dribble.

Yanick Moreira

Yanick had another good day of practice today. She also showed a glimpse into what he could be this year when he threw down a 1-handed dunk on a lob. He followed that up by hitting a nice jumper in the corner. Also affected multiple shots today with his ability to get out on the perimeter with a hand up.

Practice Quick Hits

— Keith Frazier and Jordan Tolbert both threw done great dunks early in practice.

Markus Kennedy was late to practice today

Cannen Cunningham threw down a great 1-handed dunk on Markus Kennedy off a bounce pass.

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