Larry Brown talks 2015 Signing Class

Larry Brown talked about SMU's 2015 signing class that included Jarrey Foster, Sedrick Barefield and Shake Milton!

SMU's 2015 signing class is likely unfinished, but Larry Brown and the SMU coaching staff landed two quality point guards in Sedrick Barefield and Shake Milton and wing Jarrey Foster to round out SMU's depth in the backcourt.

"I think it's great and we might have a fourth. I think all the kids are quality kids and the SMU community will like them because they're all real good students," Brown said.

Out of what Brown has seen from Barefield and Milton, how does he anticipate finding playing time for both?

"I don't worry about it. They can play anywhere," Brown said. "Shake is a 6-5 point guard, but again he can play on the ball, off the ball. Sedrick is your typical point guard, but he can play off the ball."

Milton is a 6-5 point guard out of Owasso (Okla.), but can slide off the ball and that is huge for all of the players SMU landed.

"He can play multiple positions, he can shoot the ball, he's just terrific all-around player."

Barefield is not as big as Milton, but can raise the level of play of the players around him.

"Sedrick is your typical point guard. He can lead a team, make shots, make other players better," Brown said. "They're all like that. They're all high-quality kids from high-quality programs and we're lucky to have them."

SMU also signed Foster, who although is sidelined while recovering from an ACL tear, is just the type of player SMU was looking for.

"Jarrey won a state championship and was the MVP before he hurt his knee. He can play a lot of positions, is athletic as hell and is a great kid," Brown said. "Jarrey can play everywhere. I think when he gets healthy, he'll be as good of a prospect as there is."

Even though Foster is working towards getting back to 100 percent, Brown believes Foster can be a great fit for SMU.

"I don't think people realize how special he is and this injury set him back," Brown said. "They all come from unbelievable programs, have been really well coached and have great families."

Was it a goal to recruit players that can be more four-year type of players, Brown said that's just how it worked out.

"I don't know about that. I don't think any kid thinks they're a four-year guy," Brown said. "They're talented kids so I don't look at it like that. Ratings are ratings. That doesn't really influence me one way or the other."

Where does this class leave SMU? Brown says the goal is to fill it out with another player or two in the spring.

"When you have those type of commitments, it's going to be easier to get other kids interested," Brown said. "I can't imagine any big kids not wanting to play with those three."

Specifically, Brown wants to fill out the class with a big if he can.

"We've just got to focus on some big people and I think there's some out there that can really round out the class and make it really special," Brown said. "You'd like to have him, but if we didn't chances of Markus and Jordan and Ben being here plus all these kids we can have play multiple positions. It'd just be good to even out the class."

Brown talks SMU 2015 Class

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