3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Gonzaga

Billy gives you his three up, three down for SMU's loss to Gonzaga.

3 Up

1. Keith Frazier

Keith Frazier struggled with handles a little bit early and had three turnovers, but Frazier was aggressive and I thought was SMU's best guard on the floor most of the time. Frazier is clearly working on his shot selection, which is nice, but did miss a couple jumpers that he created room on. The plus is as Frazier settled down, he was able to attack a little bit and finished with five rebounds. SMU needs Frazier to be aggressive on the boards and stay out of foul trouble, which he did. Frazier will continue to grow and if SMU keeps giving him good looks, could be SMU's three-point threat.

2. Drawing the Foul

SMU got Gonzaga into early foul trouble with Przemek Karnowski and Domantas Sabonis both picking up two fouls early and Karnowski picking up fouls early in the second half. The fact is that SMU was playing an incredibly deep Gonzaga team and that was too much to handle. If SMU can get opposing teams bigs into foul trouble like that, it will certainly help get AAC players like Shaq Goodwin, Austin Nichols, Danrad Knowles and others into foul trouble. SMU couldn't capitalize, but that was the only good thing SMU's bigs did.

3. Sterling Brown

Sterling Brown's stat line was not impressive. 2-4 from the field, three rebounds, an assist and a steal in 19 minutes. Brown was the most disciplined on defense out of the SMU guards in my mind. Didn't see an major mental mistakes from him and with Ben Emelogu shooting poorly (1-of-8 from the field), SMU will need Brown to step up with his minutes on the floor. SMU is still working on the rotation and fits, but the former starter should see a bump in minutes.

3 Down

1. Three-Point Defense

Kevin Pangos and Gonzaga came out firing. Pangos got going early with early three-pointers and finished 5-of-8 from three-point land. Gonzaga starters finished 8-of-19 from three-point land and it was because of solid ball movement and good reads off the pick and roll. SMU can't allow this type of ball movement again and I'm sure Larry Brown will be preaching better defensive technique against the pick and roll in practice.

2. The Bigs

Yanick Moreira flat out got outphysicaled by Przemek Karnowski down low. Luckily for SMU, Karnowski could have as big of an effect on the game as he picked up a couple fouls that kept him on the sideline. That didn't stop Domantas Sabonis from adding 17 points and nine rebounds. Sabonis is one of the most talented young players in the country and he showed why in the game against SMU. Cannen Cunningham was a non-factor on the floor. It's clear SMU is missing Markus Kennedy's big body and physical play.

3. Ball Movement

SMU was not allowed to move the ball very well against Gonzaga as the Zags played a matchup zone for the majority of the game. There was miscommunication early for SMU especially on offense as they're still adjusting to four new players in the starting lineup. Once Nic Moore and the other guards fix the communication issues, SMU should be able to get back to moving the ball and getting the open looks that SMU fans saw last year.

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