11-19 Hoops Practice Notebook

Larry Brown talked with the media before the team departed for Indiana and Patrick has practice notes!

SMU HC Larry Brown Press Conference

Jump to ball!

Coach Brown went back to the basics with his emphasis on jumping to the ball on defense. The defense did a better job of seeing man and ball and getting help when an offensive player drove toward the hoop, but Coach repeatedly lit into them for not jumping to the ball, especially to the big men not jumping to the basket and cutting off a passing outlet from the point guard to the hoop. Coach said that cuts off the roll man on the pick and roll.

Starting Five Practice

Coach said in his press conference that Nic Moore, Justin Martin, Sterling Brown and Ben Moore would get the start at Indiana because they are from the Midwest. They looked solid on defense, but Coach was really working to make sure they understood how to defend pick and rolls. For example, he wanted one defender low and one high on a double ball screen so the screener can’t get below and get an easy layup. Coach was brutally honest when Cannen Cunningham let the screener get below him, saying it was the worst possible thing to do. All three of the big men took turns practicing with the starters.

Quick Hits

— The team had an hour-long film session before practice.

Markus Kennedy was practicing today and was pretty vocal, telling his teammates to talk to each other on the court.

— Justin Martin corralled an off-target alley-oop pass with one hand and dunked it in warmups.

— Kennedy also made a contested jumper from the elbow.

— Sterling Brown made a three; he struggled shooting in the first couple games.

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