3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Indiana

Scott gives you his three up, three down from SMU's loss to Indiana!

3 Up

1. Ball Movement:

The Mustangs moved the ball nicely on offense and created a lot of opportunities for easy baskets. Ben Moore, Cannen Cunningham and Yanick Moreira all scored the ball consistently in the paint and Nic Moore provided a nice presence from the outside. Keith Frazier did have two three-pointers but was not consistent enough.

2. Nic Moore:

Nic Moore was the main reason SMU was in this game down the stretch. The guard shot well from the floor, and distributed well, but did struggle some with fouls. Moore is sorely missing Markus Kennedy’s presence on the inside.

3. Ben Moore:

While Moore struggled with four turnovers, he continues to score the ball with consistency for the Mustangs and is turning into one of SMU’s key Weapons.

3 Down

1. Turnovers:

19 turnovers will not cut it against a team like Indiana. The Hoosiers took advantage of the Mustangs’ mistakes and constantly found themselves with open three-point shots.

2. Fouls:

I’ll admit it, some of the calls Indiana got shouldn’t have been fouls, but there were too many charges and stupid fouls that just put the Hoosiers into the bonus and gave them opportunities to score free points. Foul trouble also hurt Sterling Brown and Nic Moore who had to come out of the game in the second half because they had four fouls.

3. Perimeter defense:

Indiana shot just 36 percent from behind the arc, but the Hoosiers put up 33 attempts, which still left them with 12 makes. For a team that prides itself on defense, the Mustangs sure didn’t show it tonight consistently. The Hoosiers took so many threes because most of them were open. The Mustangs need to play with faster rotation and tighter defense so the deep ball doesn’t hurt them.

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