11-21 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU basketball practice and talked with Ben Moore and Larry Brown plus put together a notebook!

SMU HC Larry Brown Q&A

SMU F Ben Moore Q&A


During offensive practice, Coach Brown drew similarities between the plays the team runs and the shooting, passing and screen drills they do every day. He took special care to remind the players that even while running plays, the basics of the game should be the focus.

Yanick Moreira

The senior was active on defense all practice, challenging shots at the rim and preventing guys from driving. Coach Brown told him that he if keeps that up, SMU will be in really good shape.

Defending Eastern Washington

Unsurprisingly, SMU turned its attention to its next opponent. The team mostly worked on defense, practicing how they will cover and contain EWU big man Venky Jois off of screens. They also practiced their strategy for stifling deadly shooter Tyler Harvey. Harvey is just one of their deep shooters, so Coach Brown stressed jumping to the ball. K.T. Turner was also heavily involved in the strategy.

Practice Quick Hits

— Practice started after an hour-long film session

— The team practiced plays in which they have little time on the shot clock and late-game situations.

Sterling Brown’s shots were not falling during shootaround, but Keith Frazier’s were.

Markus Kennedy was absent today.

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