Rapid Reation: SMU takes down Monmouth, 63-51

Billy recaps SMU's win over Monmouth at Moody Coliseum Sunday night!

How it Happened

SMU used Nic Moore’s fast start to lead Monmouth for most of the first half. Nic was at one point 7-8 with 16 points for SMU. That’s the type of start SMU has missed all year. The rest of the team didn’t really get into it until after Nic went on his 16-point tear, but overall this was a solid win. The Mustangs had just three turnovers at the half and finished with eight. SMU worked in a solid rotation to the game and it seemed like every grouping out there meshed well.

What it Means

Probably SMU’s best game of the year. There weren’t any glaring problems for the Mustangs tonight except for the team allowing Monmouth to hang around in the first half. It was important that SMU really finished this game. Monmouth hung around and almost beat Maryland this weekend so the win over them is a big confidence boost for the Wyoming game on Friday.

Player of the Game

Nic Moore: Without a doubt it was Nic Moore’s hot hand that got SMU going early. Nic had one turnover at the half, but finished with three. Even with those turnovers, his 23 points, five assists and four steals was huge for the Mustangs.

Side Note

SMU finished with nine turnovers on the game. Turnovers have been a huge issue for SMU, but the Mustangs had three at the half. This was the first time all year SMU has been held to under 10 turnovers. A step in the right direction.

What's Next?

SMU has a few days off before a big non-conference home game against Wyoming on Friday night in Moody Coliseum at 6 p.m. CT.

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