12-3 Hoops Practice Notebook

The FREE day finishes up with our hoops notebook! Hatts was at SMU basketball practice and talked with Larry Brown, Ryan Manuel and Ben Moore plus took notes!

SMU HC Larry Brown Q&A

Q: What were your thoughts on Chad Morris’ Introductory Press Conference?

I thought it was great, you know I went to the press conference it was pretty inspiring, I hate to see June leave, I hate to see coaches lose their job because that can be a difficult situation but the guy really wants to be here and I think the fact he’s a high school coach, 16 years in Texas that’s pretty compelling for me. I just love his energy and his effort, and I hope it works out for him and coach Mason and his staff because it’s tough right around the holidays for people to lose jobs. It looks like they’re trying to keep things together so I’m happy for them.

Q: What are your thoughts on Wyoming and what challenges does Larry Nance pose?

Well they’re 7-0, they’re really well coached, a veteran team, anytime that beat Colorado like they did, you better be aware, we scrimmaged Colorado and they’re pretty talented, so they’re just really solid and I don’t think you can go 7-0 unless you have quality players and quality coaching,

Q: What’s SMU done well this year and what do they need to improve on?

We need to improve on a lot of things, I’m not going to talk about what we have done well. I think generally we play hard which is a good quality to have. I think it is a work in progress because we expected to have Justin to play, we expected to have Emmanuel and we expected to have Markus, suddenly everyone is talking about how we have a really deep team, and then suddenly we’re not so it’s kind of a problem, we got to get better at transition defense, we got to get better at rebounding the ball, we got to get better at taking care of the ball and we got to get better at sharing the ball but I don’t think in my whole life I’ve ever stopped saying that, you know if you asked me that question of any time as a coach I’m pretty sure I’d say the same thing. We went from being a real experienced and deep team to not being an experienced and deep team but hopefully we’ll get Justin back and keeping our fingers crossed on Markus, the people we have here need to get better in those areas quickly.

Q: How much does preparation affect the outcome of a game?

Well if you have all great players it doesn’t really matter but I think preparation is key in anything you do, not just in basketball but in anything you do, but I think generally how you practice is how you play, and you know I don’t think we prepare a lot for people we play against, but we prepare a lot for how we need to play. You hope those values are going to carry through and give you a chance to win, that’s generally the way we try to do it but we just have so much to teach, we have Justin and Ben Emelogu and Jordan Tolbert that haven’t been here that we have to get up to speed, preparation is everything though, I’ve never been in a situation where generally if you don’t practice well you don’t play well.

Q: What are three things Larry Brown doesn’t travel without?

Well there’s a couple I cant mention, that’s a personal issue, but a toothbrush would probably be my first, I gotta wear something that I’m going to wear for the game, I always make sure I have that and numerous ties because my assistants sometimes don’t have theirs.

SMU F Ben Moore Q&A

SMU G Ryan Manuel Q&A

Hoops Practice Notebook

Rip It

Team began practice by having players stand on the perimeter and rip the ball. There was no shooting involved in the first part of the drill as the last guy to receive the ball dribbled through the lane and then passed it to either the corner or a man in the lane. Once in the lane you were able to make a move. The final part of this drill involved either doing a dribble handoff or driving into the lane and throwing a lob.

Ben Emelogu

Ben Emelogu saw a lot of time working the point today and going against Nic Moore. Emelogu looked good and was shielding the ball well. Emelogu did make a few mistakes but continued to practice hard and run hard off of screens. On the defensive end, Emelogu was sticking with Moore nicely but also did spend time working at the 2.


After many of their preliminary drills, the team once again worked on the shell and moving the ball around. One of the big focuses today was the big men moving out of the paint to make themselves available. Coach Brown was especially working Jordan Tolbert and Yanick Moreira on this. The key that coach was trying to point out you can establish yourself down low, however if you don’t get the ball that is when you need to move around to make yourself available.

Justin Martin

Justin looks to be moving fairly well but not quite healthy yet. While he is able to move around the court, he is still a step slow although he is not limping walking around practice. Martin also looks like he’s still working his stamina back up although he did participate in all of practice. Although Justin is moving around well, he did not shoot it well today and his shoot looked a little bit flat and missed short a lot.

Practice Quick Hits

— The first 40 minutes were spent at Crum before the team moved down the hall to Moody for the last portion of practice.

— During the rip it drill, Jean-Michael drove into the lane and threw down an impressive one handed dunk.

— Today was a slower practice with a lot of walking through various drills at half speed.

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