12-4 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts and Patrick were at SMU basketball practice today! Hear from Ben Emelogu plus they've got a notes!

SMU G Ben Emelogu Q&A

Meaningful Movement on the weak side

Coach Brown was urging his players to work together on the weak side to make cuts or screen for each other. After looking at he film, Brown said all players were really doing was rounding the perimeter, while there were not any cuts to the basket or aggressive moves. He urged his players to screen each other on the weak side and possibly include a dribble hand off. The other idea Larry was attacking when he said moving off the ball was setting your man up before making any sort of a cut to sell it better.


The other problem coach Brown had on the weak side was two players on the weak side consistently standing too close to each other. Coach was urging his players to put one person in the corner and then one closer to the top of the key instead of having both players meeting half way up the arc. While it seems like a small movement, coach Brown was trying to point out how many different passing options that would open.

Keith Frazier

Keith Frazier had one heck of a practice, and here’s the beauty, none of it was on offense. A lot of the focus today was on defense and guarding various pick and rolls. One of the guys to really pick everything up defensively on when to move and where to be was Keith Frazier. Coaches were praising him on multiple possessions for doing exactly what they were asking of him and his teammates. Keith had a good day on offense too getting to the right spots on offense but it was his play on defense that was really impressive.


Today may have been the most high effort practice I have seen all year. Players were talking more than they have all year to the point you almost didn’t know what they were saying. Defensively everyone was very much into it and seems to be taking the challenge of guarding Wyoming very seriously. Players were also running through screens and cuts extremely hard. Everything was at a faster pace than it had been the last couple days.

Practice Quick Hits

— Against no defense today, Keith turned it into a little bit of an exhibition with a windmill dunk, as well as, a few others that really caught your eye.

Markus Kennedy was at practice today and was extremely vocal and emotional throughout practice.

Justin Martin shot the ball really well today, no shot may have been better than when he came straight off a screen and practically shot it from the bench but made it.

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