3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Wyoming

Billy gives you three good things and three bad things from SMU's big non-conference win over Wyoming!

3 Up

1. Nic Moore:

Look it wasn’t like Nic Moore didn’t have a bad first half, but he had some miscues and just looked average in the second half even while going for 11 points and four assists. There were three turnovers in the first half. Moore cleaned those up and SMU was able to turn the tide of the game in the second half and it was because of Moore. Moore’s play down the stretch was critical and he delivered the knockout punch with his three to go up 45-44.

2. Yanick Moreira:

Moreira played with great confidence tonight and was aggressive around the rim all night. Moreira dominated Larry Nance, Jr. and so did the rest of the bigs, but it was Moreira’s play around the hoop and his confidence that stood out tonight. Holding a player of Nance’s caliber to just three points is incredible. Not to mention going for 15 and 13 with two blocks. Don't let Ben Moore's quiet 15 and seven go unnoticed either, but Moreira played with great confidence tonight.

3. Second-half:

There was something different about SMU’s confidence coming out in the second half. Whether it was Nic Moore knocking down a big shot, Sterling Brown being everywhere on defense or Moreira’s big dunks, SMU was just a different team. It was by far the best half of basketball the team has played all year and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Moody crowd fed off it and it was electric all second half.

3 Down

1. Ben Emelogu:

It is way to early to call Emelogu a bust, but right now he’s just not comfortable and it shows in his shooting and his play. Emelogu got some decent playing time in the first half, but after that, he seldom saw the floor. Emelogu has to play more relaxed and try to focus on getting better everyday.

2. Second-Half Three-Point Defense:

SMU did struggle at times rotating to the open man in the second half on defense. It seemed like that could be the death of the Mustangs as the team fell behind by six multiple times thanks to the Cowboys’ three-point shooting. Eventually, SMU got some stops, forced turnovers and shut the Cowboys down on offense.

3. Points in the Paint:

SMU didn’t exactly dominate the points in the paint battle tonight. In fact, SMU lost it 24-22. That’s not because the bigs played poorly, but rather the team didn’t rotate quick enough and that left Wyoming players open for big slams. That has to be corrected because the Cowboys players easily dished it off to the open man and were able to capitalize. Minor adjustment, but can’t happen against better teams.

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