Former Mustangs Sound off on Morris Hire

At SMU's recent win over UC-Santa Barbara, Billy talked with former SMU players Sterling Moore and Kyle Padron about the hiring of Chad Morris!

Former SMU quarterback Kyle Padron and defensive back Sterling Moore were both big reasons why SMU returned to prominence with the Mustangs win in the 2009 Hawaii Bowl.

Padron served as a volunteer assistant on the staff this year and Moore plays on Sundays for the Dallas Cowboys and the pair recently got to meet new SMU head coach Chad Morris and came away impressed.

“I don’t even know how he got my number,” Moore said. “I was at workouts today so I didn’t get a chance to answer, but when I called him back, he just wanted to extend his olive branch and say I’m always welcome here at SMU and it’d be good to meet me sometime.”

Padron first met SMU assistants Joe Craddock and Jess Loepp at the Gilmer vs. Atlanta game in Longview, Texas and then met Morris at the Southlake Carroll vs. Cedar Hill game. Padron is a Carroll alum and knows Morris will bring an exciting brand of football to SMU.

“I think he’s a big time hire for SMU. Obviously, I played against him while he was at Tulsa and they always gave us great competition and always put up a lot of points with G.J. Kinne and those guys they had up there,” Padron said. “What he’s been able to do at Clemson the last few years is incredible so I’m excited to have an offensive mind like him and I know he’s going to bring in a fiery staff and rebuild these guys and make them competitive again.”

At the Gilmer game, Padron saw exactly what SMU needs from its new staff while talking with them.

“I love the youth, the energy they going to bring and the excitement they’re going to bring to the offensive side of the ball with coach Craddock,” Padron said. “In talking with those two guys, they can exceed a lot of expectations next year, get rid of this year and keep getting better in the offseason and next year and get us back going in the right direction as a program.”

Moore got to meet Morris unexpectedly at the SMU vs. UC-Santa Barbara basketball game and came away with a great impression.

“I think it’s a great hire. A guy who has Texas ties, a lot of high school Texas ties so hopefully he can turn things around,” Moore said. “He did some great things at Clemson with that offense so he should be fun.”

Padron sees the new staff relating better to high school players and that will help them on the recruiting trail.

“When you have a younger coaching staff, guys like Craddock, who have played in the last 10 years, he can talk about playing and he’s played in the spread system,” the former Hawaii Bowl MVP said. “He’s been around coach Morris the last few years in his system so he can relate to the kids a little bit better and I think you’ll see that in the kind of kids they bring in next year.”

In terms of turning the program around, Moore knows Morris has his work cut out for him, but is excited for the future of SMU football.

“It’s going to be tough this first year just with the guys they have here and the year that they had. If they can get some recruits in, who knows? The guys are here another year so you never know,” Moore said. “I think he’s going to do good things to be honest with you. He’s going to bring a high-profile offense so I look forward to it.”

The key to winning at SMU will be recruiting Texas and the DFW area, something Padron sees the staff excelling at.

“The sky’s the limit. Being in the heart of Dallas, you can get a lot of kids to come here,” Padron said. “Some of those big time recruits that want to stay close to home and stay in Dallas, hopefully we can bring those kids in and turn that corner we haven’t been able to in the last few years.”

Padron is still planning his next move, but has talked with Morris about possibly joining the staff as an analyst, but with the staff hitting the trail hard, that won’t be decided for a while.

Moore on the other hand is making a name for himself with the Cowboys and scooped up a fumble in the Cowboys win last week over Chicago.

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