12-13 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts was at SMU hoops practice and put together a notebook including Q&As with Cannen Cunningham, Keith Frazier and Sterling Brown!

SMU G Sterling Brown Q&A

SMU G Keith Frazier Q&A

SMU F Cannen Cunningham Q&A

AH: Talk about the win against UCSB.

CC: I was proud of the way we played, we beat a really disciplined team that had some talent, but the thing that I was most proud about is we fought through adversity with the run they made, last year we struggled with that, when teams made a run we kind of folded, it was a good test for us and we pulled it out.

AH: Talk about your individual game against UIC.

CC: Offensively I wasn’t pleased with my performance, I was kind of inefficient but I rebounded the ball well and that was something I wanted to focus on because we were going up against a good rebounding team and I needed to prove it to myself that I could rebound too. That’s somewhere where I haven’t been producing this year, hopefully I can stay consistent this year and keep rebounding the ball.

AH: Talk about Nic going out and dealing with that adversity as opposed to last year.

CC: Oh yeah definitely , I mean he’s the leader of our offense, the fact that we banded together and got the job done without him is great

AH: How important was it to follow up the Wyoming game with another big win?

CC: Yeah they’re two mid major teams but they’re good, as good as anybody they’ll probably both be in the tournament this year, it was good for our program, we needed that for our RPI, I think we’re on a good track right now.

AH: What are you looking at this week against UIC and Michigan?

CC: Yeah this is kind of a crazy week for us with finals, so we definitely got to stay focused and have some productive practices this week and take care of UIC and then Michigan, they’re struggling right now but they’re definitely going to be practicing hard, we got to stay focused this week and get better.

AH: What have you and Ryan done to step up as leaders?

CC: Definitely, coach talks about it a lot, we’re both kind of quiet guys, we’re not going to get in anyone’s face and yell at them or anything like that but it’s important that we lead by example and help people one on one when they need guidance.

Inbounding/Short Shot Clock

Practice began working on inbounds plays under the basket, followed by running their offense. This is a little different from the way they usually starting with cutting to the perimeter and then working on jump shots, making a pass to a teammate or driving it. On one inbounds play, Keith began the play by throwing a lob to Cannen, which coach loved as a surprise play that caught him off guard. Coach Jankovich also had the team run multiple options for inbounding the ball with a maximum of 2 seconds on the clock. The drill then expanded to allow one quick dribble and a pass to a teammate.

Feeding the Big Men

A big focus today was on feeding the post and working more with the big men. The beginning of this drill focused on repeatedly feeding the post from the perimeter with no shooting allowed while the ball continued to cycle through. Eventually incorporated into this drill was the pick and roll and feeding the post on a pick and roll.

Running Hard to Screens

Coach Jankovich had them run a drill today on screens and setting up your screens. Guys were supposed to over exaggerate the screen but the idea was to not look for the ball and instead run as hard as possible into a screen to set your man up. If you scored after setting up a screen you got a point, but if you did not over exaggerate running into the screen, you didn’t get a point regardless of whether you scored.

Sterling Brown

Sterling Brown had a great practice today. At times, the intensity level was a little bit low going against no defense but he was one guy really getting after it that got his teammates going. During the 5 on 5 scrimmages, when they had enough guys, he was extremely engaged on defense and poked the ball away from Yanick Moreira a few times in the post.

Practice Quick Hits

— Markus was absent today and Yanick was a little late because of exams.

— Also absent from practice today was Coach Brown. Brown was out watching 2015 PF Simeon Carter.

Jordan Tolbert threw down a huge dunk over Ben Moore that had everyone on his team screaming.

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