2017 PG takes in SMU vs. Lamar

2017 North Richland Hills (Tex.) point guard C.J. Roberts is no stranger to SMU. The sophomore visited for SMU vs. Lamar and talked with Hatts about the visit!

2017 PG C.J. Roberts from North Richland Hills (Tex.) is in constant contact with SMU but recently took a visit to SMU when they faced off against Lamar.

“It was a good visit, I really liked the atmosphere, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before it just made me more interested,” said Roberts.

While the 6’1, 165 pound guard has not had a chance to see the whole campus yet that is definitely something he would like to do in the future.

“I haven’t really seen the whole campus, like the dorms and stuff, but I would like to,” said Roberts.

Roberts is in contact with two of SMU’s assistants, K.T Turner and Ulric Maligi, and says they check up on him daily to see how he’s doing.

“They’re like family, that’s one of those schools that I know if I go there they’re not going to treat me any different, they’ll take care of me and all the other stuff,” said the North Richland Hills point guard.

While Roberts is in constant contact with Maligi and Turner, Roberts admitted he doesn’t talk to coach Brown much but when the two see each other they do catch up.

“We’ve spoken briefly, like if I come on a visit, we say ‘hey what’s up’ and then we chat for a little while,” said Roberts.

The atmosphere is also something that is attractive for Roberts in the games he’s attended, but certainly not out of the ordinary for him.

“It’s a big crowd, and its like my high school games,we have a big crowd so it would be nothing new, just playing at another high school game just college players on the court with me,” said Roberts.

Roberts also admitted that the team’s recent success the past two years certainly caught his attention and has him interested in SMU.

The North Richland Hills guard, while still a few years away, certainly feels his game is coming along well both as a point guard and a threat in transition.

“I’m a guard that can get my teammates involved, and on the fast break I feel like I’m very hard to stop,” said Roberts.

The guard is fresh off another tournament victory but that certainly did not come without challenges in the final game in a tough 78-70 victory over Midland.

“I started out well in the first quarter, and then did badly in the second and third quarter and coach sat me,” said Roberts,” In the fourth quarter we came back and he came to me and said ‘hey we need you to just brush it off your shoulders and go play like the player we all know who you are.’”

Despite sitting much of the middle portion of the game, the point guard did walk away with some hardware at the end of the tournament.

“We went out there and we got the W, me and Zac Graves got all tournament, and we won another trophy so bringing another trophy back to NRH,” said Roberts.

Right now, the point guard is receiving interest from Illinois, LSU, Virginia Tech among other schools.

While he is not in touch with many other recruits or players on the team, Roberts is in touch with one Dallas product on the SMU roster.

“I talk to Keith Frazier a little bit when I go up there, other than that nobody else really,” said Roberts.

Roberts said he hopes to attend another game this season and will be in touch with the coaching staff about setting up a visit.

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