12-15 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts was at SMU hoops practice and took notes plus talked with forward Justin Martin!

SMU F Justin Martin Q&A

Working Against No Defense

One of the first drills the team did today was working the ball around the perimeter against no defense. The biggest focus of this drill early on was ripping the ball, or dragging it across your waist when getting a pass. Later on the drill focused on driving from the perimeter and then feeding the post for a dunk.

Trapping Defense/Working Against Trap

Coach Brown was encouraging his guys to be aggressive when trapping and make sure to go at the ball. He also stressed communication was key while saying he would rather have two guys running hard at the ball instead of leaving guys open and being late. On offense, he was encouraging the guys once you break the trap to be aggressive and head towards the bucket.

Working Fast

Coach Brown had the team do possibly one of the more exciting drills I’ve seen at practice this year. Going full court, there was 12 seconds on the shot clock for you to get the ball up the court and take a shot. The stipulation obviously is this had to be a good shot. After 12 seconds, a buzzer was immediately blown and they switched directions. Another hidden aspect to this drill was trying to force turnovers, which obviously is a big advantage with only 12 seconds on the clock. Early on in the game, this was a real struggle for both sides but about midway through the drill they really started to get the hang of it. The end of this drill got really exciting when both sides got really into it and were trading big shots, especially three big 3s by Ben Emelogu.

Ben Emelogu

Emelogu had a very nice practice today and got extremely hot shooting the ball. Everything he made during the fast break drill went in including those three straight big 3’s to continue tying the game. When the team switched to the half court drills, Emelogu came off a couple screens and confidently swished the shots. Defensively, Emelogu was into it the whole practice even diving on the court for a loose ball that coach Brown quickly stopped everyone from joining in to prevent someone getting hurt.

Keith Frazier

As the days go along, Keith Frazier really appears to be growing in confidence. Today was another good day for Keith both shooting the ball and in other areas. At one point during the fast break drill, Keith came flying in for a rebound and got the put back. The other impressive aspect was while a lot of players got tired during a timeout of the 10 minute fast break drill, Keith was campaigning that there were still 4 minutes on the clock for them to come back and that they needed to play the last 4 minutes.

Practice Quick Hits

— Coach Jankovich was not at practice today as he was visiting Skylar Mays in Louisiana, but coach Brown was back.

Markus Kennedy was absent from practice today.

— Nic participated in practice but then left to receive treatment.

Ryan Manuel threw down a nice one handed dunk on Ben Emelogu in transition.

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