12-16 Hoops Practice Notebook

Hatts was at SMU hoops practice and talked to Keith Frazier and Larry Brown plus took notes!

SMU HC Larry Brown Q&A

SMU G Keith Frazier Q&A


Coach Brown was stressing to his team that while defending the ball around the perimeter, everyone needs to be moving towards the ball and be ball side, including the weak side defenders. On offense, coach Brown was once again trying to get his players to face the ball after screening someone and be ready to receive a pass, as well as, make more cuts on the weak side.

Help Defense

A big emphasis today was on help defense both on the perimeter and inside. One of the big themes was trying to get in front of your man and force him back up the court to the help. Justin Martin was one of the guys to do this really well and got plenty of praise from coach Brown. The other key coach Brown was emphasizing is don’t go chasing a guy for a double team and subsequently lose your own man by 20 ft. Instead, guys have got to move their feet and stop the dribble right away. Coach Jankovich was also emphasizing that if they are going to be good with their help defense, they have got to talk more than they were in practice.

Yanick Moreira

Moreira had a good day of practice today both on the defensive end, on the perimeter and in the post. Multiple times, Moreira was able to get a steal in the post while the ball was being fed in. On the offensive end, Moreira seems to be getting more and more confident in taking one dribble and then getting his shot on the perimeter. Down low, Moreira also showed a nice post game when he took one play down the baseline and then was able to put it in on the reverse layup.

Ryan Manuel

Manuel may not be getting in any of his teammates faces to fire them up, but he is definitely trying to take on more of a leadership role by coaching his teammates. Manuel pulled Jordan Tolbert aside after a play to point something on defense out to him. The very next play, Tolbert came up with a steal by doing exactly what Manuel was talking about. Manuel also looks to be getting more comfortable running the offense, and made some nice cuts off the ball to get some easy buckets.

Practice Quick Hits

—The team practiced in Moody again today.

Markus Kennedy was absent from practice again.

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