3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. UIC

Billy gives you his three good things and three bad things from SMU's win against UIC tonight at Moody!

3 Up

1. Keith Frazier

It seems like every time we look up, Frazier has brought another aspect to his game. Tonight, with his double-double of 16 points, 10 rebounds and three assists, Frazier took it upon himself to change the complexion of this game especially when UIC would draw close. Frazier tallied seven straight points for SMU to increase their lead to nine after SMU had let UIC back into it. Frazier scored 12 of SMU's last 31 points in the last 12:55 of the game.

2. The Paint

SMU dominated in the paint, outscoring the Flames 28-14 inside. Yanick Moreira had a strong game with 11 points and seven rebounds against a team that was challenged size wise tonight. SMU could have really pounded the ball inside, but Ben Moore, Cannen Cunningham and Moreira combined for seven turnovers. Moore and Cunningham were a combined 2 of 11 shooting tonight, finishing with six points between the two of them. SMU controlled the paint defensively especially, but the team will need more scoring against Michigan.

3. Shot Defense

Only one Flames player finished in double figures, Marc Brown with 15 points, but Brown still shot 31 percent from the field. The Flames shot a combined 26.6 percent and only did a little better from three-point range, making 28 percent from beyond the arc. This all wasn't by accident. SMU did a phenomenal job getting a hand up and stopping the easy buckets.

3 Down

1. Turnovers

SMU should thank their lucky stars that the Flames weren't shooting particularly well because the turnovers could have really killed the Mustangs tonight. Nic, who was playing injured, and Frazier both had four turnovers. The SMU bigs combined for seven as stated above. Key players can't turn the ball over like this up in Ann Arbor this weekend.

2. Cannen Cunningham

Cunningham had another rough night shooting the ball, going 1 for 5 from the field and missing his only free throw attempt. Cunningham has to find his touch. If Markus Kennedy does indeed return, the Mustangs won't have to rely on Cunningham as much off the bench with Martin having a solid game tonight.

3. Free Throws

SMU did what the team needed to do in the second half, making 10 of 13 from the line in the second, but in the first half the team made just 62 percent in the first half. If not for SMU's defense, UIC could have easily hung around. Just a minor thing to correct.

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