Williams talks SMU offer, meeting coaches

SMU coaches recently visited Houston Jersey Village linebacker Jordon Williams and he talks about the offer inside!

With the addition of Van Malone as defensive coordinator and Archie McDaniel at linebackers coach, SMU will be in good shape in the Houston area for the future.

The pair stopped by Houston Jersey Village HS to talk with 2015 outside linebacker Jordon Williams and offered the two-star linebacker.

”Coach McDaniel and Coach Malone came by and spoke with me. They did offer me,” Williams said. “They said they wanted coach Morris to officially do it, but they went ahead and did offer me.”

Malone and McDaniel spoke about the plans the staff has for SMU as the Chad Morris era takes off.

“Just talking about the new coaching staff coming in and they’re planning on doing big things,” the 6-1, 200-pound linebacker said. “They just wanted to let me know they wanted me to be a part of it and all.”

Williams though hasn’t heard too much about SMU just because he hasn’t heard from them before Malone and McDaniel came through, but Williams is excited to learn more.

“I need to do my research honestly, but from what I’ve heard from friends, family and what not it’s a prestigious school with good academics,” Williams said. “I think they’re really going to turn the program around.”

“We all know there’s life after football,” Williams said. “Not everyone’s going to play football in the league.”

After talking with Malone and McDaniel, Williams feels a connection.

“I think they’re good guys and they really know how to talk,” Williams said. “Their resumes speak for themselves so I know they know what they’re doing.”

Williams did know coach McDaniel from New Mexico after they offered him, but is still getting to know him.

“We didn’t talk a lot while he was at New Mexico, but the times that we did, you could tell he was a dynamic guy and he knew how to talk to high school kids and that the recruiting process was easiest for us,” Williams said.

Memphis and SMU will get visits in January for sure. Whethere it’s the 17th, 24th or the 31st is something he hasn’t worked out yet.

Williams played linebacker his sophomore year, but safety his junior and senior year.

“I like to hit. I’m a hard-hitter. I like to come downhill, but that doesn’t mean I can’t cover,” Williams said. “I can cover, but I do like to hit so I’m a physical player for sure.”

Williams said McDaniel and Malone see him at their “Star” linebacker position, but that it doesn’t really matter to him.

“I’m most comfortable where the coaches want me at,” Williams said. “It doesn’t make a difference because I can cover and I can hit.”

Williams only played five games before tearing his meniscus, but gets his brace off in a week and a full recovery is expected by February, which is when Williams wants to commit by.

“I want to definitely be finished by February or before February,” Williams said. “I don’t want to wait till signing day. I just want to get that out of the way and wherever I commit, I’ll go.”

Williams couldn’t put a ranking on where SMU stands, but is excited to learn more from his visit.

“They’re good guys and told me some good things about what they’re trying to do,” Williams said. “I just feel like whenever I visit I’ll be able to see more from that.”

Memphis, UNT, SMU are recruiting Williams the hardest at the moment.

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