2017 OL recaps unofficial visit to SMU

SMU hosted an array of prospects on campus before the dead period and 2017 Frisco OL Jack Anderson was one of the visitors. Anderson recaps the visit inside!

SMU had plenty of visitors on campus the weekend before the dead period began and 2017 Frisco offensive lineman Jack Anderson stopped by on Sunday to visit with the staff and tour the campus.

“I called coach Fry because I saw Anthony Hines putting up a picture with coach Morris so I asked if they were inviting and he said you’re welcome whenever,” Anderson said. “I just wanted to come see it. I got the family together and we went and checked it out.”

Anderson is getting plenty of attention from Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Miami (Fla.), but really enjoyed his visit to his mother’s alma mater.

“I had a lot of fun. The facilities were nicer than I expected, not going to lie,” the four-star center said. “The coaches were all waiting out front for me. They definitely made me feel really important and it was awesome.”

Anderson and his family met every single member of the staff, but his conversation with head coach Chad Morris stood out.

“He told me the story of the number 1,460. He’s always told me he’s a math guy and he told me and my family that’s (1,460) everyday you’re going to be on campus in college and 60 days are gameday,” Anderson said. “1,400 are practices and school and you need to worry more about the 1,400.”

Morris’ point to Anderson was that there’s much more to his college choice than the football side of it.

“I think that’s a big selling point of SMU because football isn’t up to par with other schools because of the season they had and rebuilding, but education is crazy good,” Anderson said.

Anderson and his family were toured around by SMU offensive line coach Dustin Fry and while it wasn’t his first time on campus, Anderson said his interest is tied to the hire of Morris.

“A month and a half ago, I could not say I’d be remotely interested in SMU with June Jones and everything that was going on there,” Anderson said. “I just didn’t think it’d be a place I’d want to be at, but they’ve definitely changed my mind.”

The staff is standing out to the 6-4, 275 lineman and a good relationship is beginning to form.

“I think with coach Fry, we gelled and coach Morris would be a great guy to play for,” Anderson said. “The staff is very welcoming and the campus is always been really nice, but I just didn’t think it’d be a program I’d be interested in. That’s changed pretty largely in the last few weeks.”

With Anderson’s mother an alumna of SMU, it’s just another plus for him.

“I think it’s really important because it really hits home and the family vibe of being a legacy there and I know I’m a legacy at Tech too so those are the two schools that I’m super interested in,” Anderson said.

Anderson would like to stay in state, but admitted SMU may be a little too close.

“Staying close would be what my parents want me to do and that might be a little too close so my parents couldn’t drop in all the time, but it’s a good to be a legacy and be close.”

The SMU staff has their sights set high on the type of players they’d like to bring in, but Anderson recognizes that Morris and the staff have to get the fan and student support to be successful.

“I just know they want to recruit the best kids they can get there. He’s trying mostly to get the fans and students into it and that’s big for me,” Anderson said. “I don’t think they’ve had any support or anything like that in the last four or five years. If that changes then they can get big recruits like me to come. I think they’re going to do big things.”

Even though Anderson is a few years from stepping on a college campus, Morris wants players to come in and shape the future of the program, something he would relish.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity and like he said, he needs pioneers of the program to get them to start recruiting for them and help out the program.”

Anderson doesn’t want his recruitment to be dragged out and expects him to have a decision made before his senior year.

“I don’t want to be one of these late guys I bet I’d be committed in a year or so, but I’ve got to take more visits.”

Anderson is expecting to take a visit to Arizona State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State as well as taking an official visit to Miami and making a family vacation out of it.

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