SMU showing interest in 2015 linebacker

SMU has been reaching out to 2015 Livonia (La.) linebacker Bryce Jones and the senior talked about his SMU interest.

2015 linebacker Bryce Jones, from Livonia (La) High School, has been in contact with SMU frequently in recent weeks, and will likely be taking a visit to SMU very soon.

“I could tell they’re really interested in me because all of them have been following me, talking to me through Twitter, its been nice, they actually really want me to have a visit with them soon,” said Jones, “Maybe in the first couple weeks of January I’ll schedule an official visit to SMU and Dallas and find out about the program.”

Jones noted assistant coaches Van Malone and Archie McDaniel have been in contact with him the most.

Both Jones and the coaching staff agree that the Livonia linebacker is underrated and could be a valuable asset to this defense.

“It’s a really nice program they have, and they really follow me cause I was underrated,” said Jones, “They saw my highlight film and they couldn’t believe I was just a two or three-star.”

Jones said being underrated has been good for him, however, and motivated him to work even harder.

“I really have been motivating myself, just like today we had tornadoes in my area, but I still worked out with some guys because my mindset is it’s a whole different league and I got schools looking over me,” said Jones, “I won’t be a first-team all American but I’ll just keep grinding every day, working hard every day just to get that job.”

Jones has been recognized for his play recently in Louisiana, being named to second-team all state twice, as well as, first-team all district.

The 6’1 205 pound linebacker is not bothered by the fact SMU struggled the past two seasons; in fact, he welcomes the opportunity to turn this program around.

“Actually I have a background history of coming from a program that wasn’t winning, I got to be a part of winning a state championship this year,” said Jones, “I was a part of a school that wasn’t winning and we didn’t make it to the playoffs, we lost every game and we stood by the program and got better and got to the playoffs the next year, then next year my senior year we won a state championship.”

Jones also added that when you go through tough times like SMU has, or like he has at Livonia, that’s when you find out the most about yourself.

“I was blessed to be a leader, in my community, sticking around and helping them build up a program,” said Jones, “I like helping out these programs, because that’s when you find out if you’re a real man, and this is something I always believed in.”

Jones reiterated the biggest thing for him when making a decision is whether he can trust the coaches, something he says will go a long way in making his decision.

“If I can trust the coaches, that they are really serious in recruiting and talking to me and just telling me the truth, staying truthful with me as to what’s going on, as far as red-shirt, and things like that, it’s a big impact because if I trust the coaches that would make my decision just easier,” said Jones.

Jones has not been offered SMU, but hopes to be offered soon.

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