2016 WR Reacts to SMU Offer

Billy talked with 2016 Wichita Falls Rider WR T.J. Vasher and got his thoughts on his second offer from SMU, this time in football!

2016 Wichita Falls Rider (Tex.) receiver T.J. Vasher is familiar with SMU since being offered by the basketball staff, but now the football staff has come through with his second offer for football and from SMU.

“It just kind of happened. I heard that SMU had good news for me and to call the coach and that he has good news for me,” the 6-5, 180-pound receiver said. “I called him and he said they have great expectations this upcoming season, bringing in a new coach and having a nice offense that would fit me and they wanted to offer me a full-ride scholarship to play at SMU.”

SMU receivers coach Justin Stepp offered Vasher and spoke about the type of person he is and what the Chad Morris’ new staff is all about.

“He’s a family man and that as far as like coming with that it brings out a lot family to it so that it’s one big thing and everyone’s in it for each other,” the two-sport star said. “Here at my high school that’s kind of how it is. One family, one team so going to a school that brings a similar type to it would be nice.”

Vasher texted SMU assistant Ulric Maligi the news and was told he’d have the opportunity to pursue both sports at SMU if he wanted. “After I got the offer from football, I was told that I could play both there at SMU and that was real big,” Vasher said. ”It’s something I’m thinking about and I’ve talked about with my dad because I enjoy playing both sports.”

While Vasher hasn’t decided whether or not he’ll pursue both sports or just pick one at the next level, he’s got plenty of time.

After watching some of Morris’ success at Clemson, Vasher says having an offense produced NFL receivers is a big selling point.

“That they had a great deals with receivers as far as Sammy Watkins and different receivers. They succeeded in that offense there,” the four-star said. “That was big because you see other receivers doing things like that in this offense, you feel like you could do it yourself.”

In Vasher’s 15-minute conversation with Stepp, Stepp told him how Vasher would fill a major need in SMU’s offense.

“He just told me that in their receivers they have a lot of shorties and they’d like to have a big, tall receiver there.”

SMU already has LaGerald Vick committed in the 2016 class as a wing, which could be why Vasher hasn’t had consistent contact with SMU on the basketball side of things.

“Not much. Last time I talked with them was when I got the offer on Christmas, but before that it had been a while since we last talked,” Vasher said.

With half his junior basketball season and his senior seasons ahead of him, Vasher hasn’t named a favorite school.

“I really haven’t put anything in perspective in terms of a top or anything. I haven’t really thought about it,” said Scout’s No. 38 receiver. “I’m just enjoying my whole recruiting process right now.”

SMU joins Texas Tech as his other football offer and Tulsa as Vasher’s other basketball offer.

Rider (12-5; 1-0) just got ranked 24th in the state and for the first time ever according to Vasher. Vasher is averaging 18 points a game and finished with 993 yards and 12 touchdowns this season for football.

Vasher will attend SMU’s junior day and is planning to visit for a basketball game this year, but isn’t sure when.

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