3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Memphis

Billy has your 3 Up, 3 Down from SMU's win over Memphis tonight in Moody Coliseum.

3 Up

1. Markus Kennedy

The big man had a tough start, missing a few buckets, but finished with a career-high 21 points and three rebounds tonight in a huge effort in the win. Kennedy brought the physicality and energy to the floor that the Mustangs had been missing all season. It’s a huge deal that the big guy is back and rolling for SMU fans.

2. Offensive Rebounding

SMU had 10 second-chance points on the night on 13 offensive boards, limiting Memphis to just 16 defensive rebounds. That’s a monster performance from the frontcourt. SMU has a great rotation of Kennedy, Moreira and Ben Moore now to really rely on and that’s the biggest takeaway from tonight’s game.

3. Ball Handling

SMU had six turnovers in the first half and finished with 11 in the game, a good sign as the Mustangs continue to navigate conference play. Nic Moore had three turnovers, but distributed the ball well with eight assists and added eight points in the win. Having the team operates this efficiently down the stretch will be huge for the team if they can keep it going.

3 Down

1. Finishing Around the Rim

This is a very minor down because SMU killed Memphis in the paint, but the Mustangs struggled to convert early buckets when they had good looks. Markus Kennedy and Moreira missed a few early and that kept Memphis in the game. Eventually, SMU just wore down the Tigers and got into a groove that couldn’t be stopped.

2. Ryan Manuel

Alright… Manuel was feeling the hard hit he took early in the second half, but returned and the result was the same. Manuel had very little production in the game, totaling zero points and three rebounds while picking up four fouls. After his best game of the season against Cincinnati, Manuel only took one shot. Ben Emelogu saw more minutes because of that, but even without any production from Manuel, SMU rolled to this win.

3. Miscellaneous Downs

Not really sure what Justin Martin did, but Martin sat the entire game so that’s a little concerning not to even see him. Cunningham on the other hand saw very limited minutes and was a non-factor. Cunningham has looked out of sorts this season and disinterested and tonight was no different. Cunningham threw a pass to Emelogu at one point that he completely wasn’t looking. Just lazy ball control. Also, free throws were good, not great tonight. SMU went 18-for-26 tonight from the line, good for 69 percent.

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