Morris recaps SMU visit

Hatts talked with 2016 Lancaster power forward Nate Morris about his visit to Moody Coliseum for SMU's win over Memphis!

2016 Lancaster (Tex.) power forward Nate Morris was in attendance for SMU’s 73-59 victory over Memphis Thursday night, and again loved seeing the Mustangs play.

“It was a lot of fun I really enjoyed myself,” Morris said, “It’s really enjoyable actually, I never have a dull moment when I go to watch an SMU game.”

Morris wasn’t lying when he said there’s never a dull moment at a SMU game he attends; he was also there for SMU’s victory over California in the NIT last season.

As for the future, Morris could see himself fitting into SMU’s style of play, especially the way they use their big men.

“I think I actually would fit in pretty well there, they seem to use their bigs well, their bigs run, they’re more athletic, they know how to move well,” said Morris, “I actually enjoy the way they play, that’s one of the main reasons I like coming to watch them play.”

Another motivating factor for Morris to join the Mustangs might be to continue to help in the rebuilding process that has caught many people’s attention over the last two years.

“I’ve been paying attention to SMU for a while but I think it would be fun to come play where I feel I can get better and help them more, I think I could help them build their program and I would enjoy that part of that,” Morris said.

Over the past couple of seasons, the coaching staff has been able to build a close relationship with the highly regarded Dallas prospect.

“I talk to Ulric a lot, I really talk to all of them a lot, I’m really close with all of them, they’re kind of like family,” said Morris.

Staying close to home is another motivating factor for Morris, or at least close enough where he might be able to catch a meal every once in a while.

“I would like to stay in Texas, it’s never bad being too far from home, be able to get your home cooking every once in a while, I’m really open to everybody but I don’t want to move too terribly far,” said Morris.

Morris has received offers from a number of schools including: SMU, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Creighton, South Florida, Houston, Texas, Baylor, Tulsa, Kansas State, Florida State, Oregon State, Texas A&M and UTEP.

Despite the number of offers, when it comes time to pick schools for an official visit, expect to see Morris take a trip to SMU.

“That will probably be one of the places I take one of my official visits,” said Morris.

Morris also is keeping his recruitment and thought process fairly close to the chest, and says he doesn’t really talk to anyone on the team or other recruits about what he’s thinking.

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