Upon Further Review: SMU vs. ECU

Demo's latest "Upon Further Review" takes a look at SMU's blowout win over East Carolina yesterday.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

We should all be able to agree that ECU is not the toughest of opponents and a win against them was very likely.

However, after everything this team has been through the past couple of weeks, this season even, this was a game they could have easily mailed in.

Saturday afternoon, they showed a mental toughness that wasn’t there before. A team that turned the ball over too often on several occasion, committed only nine.

With a 77-54 beating of the Pirates, SMU demonstrated a focus that has been lacking all season and they did so during a most important time.

Sterling Brown got the start in place of Keith Frazier, and responded with 10 points, seven rebounds and three assists.

SMU had four other players score in double figures in the victory and registered 21 assists on 30 field goals.

Albeit, the game had a rather slow tempo and dragged a little bit at the end of both halves, it was still a “statement” game.

My favorite thing about this team this year is that we haven’t seen any late game collapses. When SMU has a lead with five minutes left, they are 12-0.

That shows determination to finish games and play hard until the end. That shows fight.

And with the nation looking down at SMU and placing them under a microscope, watching for any kind of slip up, they are going to have to fight. They are going to have to focus on the game at hand and block out all the outside noise.

Coming out and handling their business against a team near the bottom of the conference, shows that the Mustangs are not letting off the court issues define their season.

Because despite all the scrutiny, all the rumors, all the allegations, and all the negativity, the Mustangs are now 5-1 in conference play, have won 12 of their last 13 and are on a four game winning streak.

And can we talk about Johnathan Wilfong for a moment? I mean what a freaking stud. I know it was garbage time, but ECU was still trying to score as many points as they could before time ran out.

When Wilfong stole the ball was running down the court all by himself, I was expecting him to take an easy layup. Once I saw him gather himself, I knew he was going to throw it down and Moody would explode.

I’m not feeling as long winded as I usually do, so I’ll leave you with the words of one Victor Nguyen. Keep calm and Pony Up. .

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