Manvel linebacker talks SMU offer

2016 Manvel linebacker Jordan Carmouche picked up an SMU offer last week and talked with Demo about the big news!

Jordan Carmouche loves to hit. He is 6’1”, 219 pounds and explosive- so when he hits you, you feel it. I suppose you could say it in his genes; his dad played linebacker for Nichols state.

“I’ve been playing football since I was five,” Carmouche said. “I actually used to play quarterback and sometimes linebacker when they would let us play both ways. Then in high school I got too big to be a quarterback.”

These days, Carmouche is busy sorting through offers and figuring out which schools he is going to visit. And he says there are a lot of things he looks at when evaluating a program.

“I definitely look at academics first,” he said. “Then I want to be on a team that is competing for a national championship. And I have to get along with the coaching staff- especially my position coach. I have to have a great relationship with him because I’m going to be with him most of the time and that’s who I’m going to be playing for.”

There a number of different programs looking at him and this past week, SMU threw their hat in the ring.

“I talked to SMU on Friday and they offered me,” Carmouche said. “I was talking to Coach [Archie] McDaniel and [Van Malone]. They said they were excited about me and couldn’t wait to get me on campus. They said we needed to keep in touch and call them like once a week.”

Carmouche saw SMU struggle last season but is optimistic about the programs future.

“I’m interested to see how they do with the new coaching staff,” he said. “I know they had a rough year last season, but I think the new coaching staff is bringing a lot of energy to the program. I think they can turn it around.”

Since he is in the 2016 class, the Manvel, Texas linebacker has plenty of time to figure it all out and he is going to use as much time as he can to decide.

“Like I said I’m trying to keep my options open,” Carmouche said. “But I do think they have a good coaching staff. When I talked to coach McDaniel I really liked what he was saying and I know he used to play linebacker. It’s always good to be coached by someone who played the position then by someone who is really just on the outside looking in.”

Carmouche says he would like to visit SMU sometime soon, but isn’t sure when that will happen. He also says he plans on picking a school in the summer.

Northwestern, Houston and Arkansas have also offered Carmouche.

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