Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott's latest Sanford Scouting Reports feature QBs Bowman Sells, Shane Buechele and WR Ade Omotosho!

Shane Buechele

2016 QB, Arlington Lamar HS (Arlington, Texas)

Mobility: Buechele and Sells are very similar athletically. Buechele has the ability to escape the pocket when it collapses, and does a nice job of squaring up his shoulders when throwing on the run. This junior quarterback also has the speed and athleticism to have a handful of quarterback run plays available to him. After watching Buechele run and move around the pocket, he reminded me of a quicker Bowman Sells.

Pocket Presence: Buechele has the tendency to scramble rather than stick in the pocket and attempt to make a play from there, but when there is little pressure, the junior showed the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver a strike to his receiver. Buechele’s main asset has to be his ability to throw on the run, because he makes it look so easy. If Buechele wants to succeed at the next level, he’ll have to learn to step up in the pocket more instead of scrambling every time he feels pressure.

Accuracy/Arm Strength: Buechele has solid arm strength and accuracy, but does tend to put a little too much air under his deep balls. The junior quarterback keeps a tight spiral and usually hits his targets right in the hands. While Buechele has a nice arm, his legs are his biggest threat.

Offers: SMU, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, TCU, Texas and Texas Tech.
HT: 6-2
WT: 185 pounds
40-yard Dash: 4.68 seconds (Unofficial)
Vertical: 32-inches (Unofficial)

Shane Buechele Highlights

Bowman Sells

2016 QB, LoveJoy HS (Allen, Texas)

Mobility: Overall, Sells is a very athletic quarterback, and it all starts with his quick feet. The junior quarterback keeps his feet moving while in the pocket, allowing himself to avoid traffic if the pocket collapses. Sells also has the ability to role out nicely as seen on some of the designed role out plays. With his speed, Sells also allows for the coaching staff to call quarterback runs or options, which is a nice option to have.

Pocket Presence: Sells sits back in the pocket patiently and does a nice job of letting his receivers get open before throwing the ball. The quarterback doesn’t rush his decision-making and keeps calm even when the pocket begins to collapse. One thing Sells needs to learn to do is step in the pocket, which will give him more time and prevent the defense from stripping the ball away or sacking him.

Accuracy/Arm Strength: To go along with his athleticism, Sells has a strong arm and uses it well from the pocket or on the run. One of Sells’ bad tendencies is to throw off of his back foot when scrambling and facing pressure from the defense, but his arm strength has allowed for him to get away with it so far. When facing no pressure, Sells sits in the pocket and delivers the ball with some zip. Whether he’s throwing down field, into the middle of the field, or to the boundaries, Sells consistently delivers the ball accurately.

Offers: SMU, Clemson, Ohio State, Iowa, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.
HT: 6-2
WT: 200 pounds

Bowman Sells Highlights

Adewale Omotosho

2016 WR, Plano East HS (Plano, Texas)

Athleticism: At 6-foot-2, "Ade" Omotosho runs well for his size and has the ability to break away from his defenders with his long strides and speed. Omotosho stays under control when running and doesn’t lose his balance once he’s jumped in the air to catch a ball. Omotosho is quick on his feet and his agility allows him to make defenders miss after he’s caught the ball.

Route Running/ Versus press coverage: The junior uses his quick feet to sell his double moves to his defender and does a nice job of beating his defender off the line of scrimmage. Omotosho doesn’t exactly beat you with his route running, but his best quality is his ability to out jump and win the ball from his defender. On his quick outs and buttonhooks, Omotosho does a nice job of selling the deep ball, and after catching the short pass, beating his defender with a quick move.

Blocking: Omotosho can be hit and miss when it comes to blocking. Sometimes, the junior forgets to move his feet and gets pushed back or caught for holding. Other times, Omotosho fires into his defender with aggressive and gets some impressive movement. The wideout does need to learn to block with a wider base though, because one move by his defender and he’ll getting called for holding.

Offers: SMU, Duke and Arkansas State.
HT: 6-2
WT: 185-pounds
40-yard Dash: 4.4 seconds (Unofficial)

Ade Omotosho Highlights

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