Josh Williams commits to SMU!

Hatts caught up with Rowlett kicker Josh Williams after his visit and commitment to SMU!

It didn’t take long after his visit for Rowlett (Tex.) kicker Josh Williams to commit to SMU following his visit, largely due to the new coaching staff.

“I visited this weekend and I was just blown away by the campus and the coaching staff that I met was just so family oriented and I just felt like it was a great fit for me,” said Williams, “I’m also really big into academics, it’s a big part of my decision for college and SMU offered me the perfect mix of an amazing football program and amazing academics, it just felt like home, and it’s close to home too so I feel like it’s the perfect fit.”

Staying close to home was not an important part of the decision-making process for Williams, but the quality of academics at SMU was just too good to turn down.

“You know it wasn’t as big deal, the main thing when I was deciding for college was academics for sure, and that’s what the coaches told me as well,” said Williams.

Williams has not decided what major he will pursue at SMU yet but does have a couple options in mind.

On his visit, the fans at the basketball game also blew Williams away during SMU’s victory over Houston Saturday night.

“That was awesome, that’s one of the coolest arenas I’ve been in, from the outside it just looks like a normal building on campus and then the inside is just phenomenal,” said Williams, “Obviously the SMU basketball team did very well against Houston, so it was just very cool.”

But this was not the best part of the visit for Williams, as that came right after the basketball game when much of Dallas was lit up red for the Mustangs.

“Last night we went to dinner in downtown Dallas and they lit up reunion tower and all the other buildings red,” said Williams, “I thought that was amazing to have such support from the community in such a big city like Dallas, it just shows how important SMU is and how important the football team is to the city so I thought that was just very cool.”

Above all else however, Williams was quick to note the family atmosphere the new coaching staff provides is the biggest reason he is attending SMU.

“The whole coaching staff just feels very family minded and close knit, I feel like the coaching staff is going to care about who you are as a person and your future and not just used as a tool to play football,” said Williams, “They care about things outside of football and I think that was huge in this process and it’s going to be a great time with them, I think I’m going to get along nicely with these coaches they’re pretty great people.”

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