Manvel running back picks up SMU offer

SMU has been making a major push in Manvel High School as of late and running back D'Vaughn Pennamon talked with Billy about his SMU offer!

SMU running back coach Claude Mathis and offensive coordinator Joe Craddock recently extended an offer to 2016 Manvel (Tex.) running back D’Vaughn Pennamon. Mathis pulled Pennamon aside at school to tell him the good news.

“I really like the vibe they give off. It was a really interesting vibe,” the 5-11, 190-pound back said. “They were saying they could use me in the program and they were talking about how coach Morris had pretty big plans for the upcoming years.”

Pennamon had met Morris when he was offensive coordinator at Clemson and the former Texas high school football coach impressed.

“I really like coach Morris because when I went to Clemson over the summer, he really impressed me as a coach,” Pennamon said. “He molds his offense to his best players. I’m going to put my team in the best situation to win.”

Morris’ offense is the reason why Pennamon believes SMU will be back on top soon.

“It’s really just a potent and productive offense and that’s good,” Pennamon said. “I feel like it wouldn’t take very much time to build the team and get it back to the old days of glory.”

Mathis exhibited confidence, which impressed Pennamon in his short time meeting him.

“I really liked the confidence and eagerness to help me out if I needed something and just basically almost help me do my job in practice.”

Pennamon has family in Dallas, but has never been to SMU. The staff invited Pennamon to junior day and that would be his first time on campus if he were to attend.

In his junior season, Pennamon rushed 66 times for 828 yards and 15 touchdowns and talked about the type of back he is.

“I feel like I’m a one-cut back and I’m really good in space,” Pennamon said. “I have to improve on starting out and come into the game and have fun and do what I do best.

Colorado, Arkansas, Louisville, Washington and Colorado State have extended offers to the talented back, but LSU and TCU are Pennamon’s dream schools.

“I really like what they do with their running backs,” said Pennamon. “They get the ball to their backs in every way possible.”

Pennamon said at the end of the day, the right combination between academics and football could get SMU the edge over TCU.

“I really think it’s an interesting rivalry and would really help me decide where I want to go with the opportunity to play on the field and as far as in the classroom academically.”

This summer, Pennamon camped at Louisville, Clemson, Kentucky, Arkansas and Auburn. Maryland and Missouri have been showing interest as of late.

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