SMU keeps pushing hard for Herndon

North Forney ATH and SMU commit Hunter Herndon caught up with Hatts to talk about his official visit and the 2015 class.

The official visit served as a chance for SMU commit Hunter Herndon to see the campus and start getting adjusted, what ended up coming from the visit however, is that there’s a lot to be excited about as he gets ready to join the Mustangs.

“It was the best weekend of my life, the whole weekend was great,” Herndon said, “I had fun the whole time and just an amazing experience overall.”

When Herndon got a chance to take in a SMU basketball game, he immediately saw an opportunity for the same turnaround to happen with the football program.

“That’s really exciting because the basketball wasn’t as good a couple years ago and then they have good coaching come in and then they change the whole program and change the outlook on everything,” Herndon said.

Following the game, Herndon got another nice surprise when multiple buildings in Dallas were lit up red; another sign that change at SMU is possible.

“It was really cool to see, it shows how much the city of Dallas is backing up what we’re doing and that they believe in what we’re doing and there to support us and believe in us and see us do big things so it meant a lot,” Herndon said.

Over the past two weekends, SMU has also picked up another couple receivers, something that didn’t go unnoticed with Herndon.

“It’s a huge recruiting class, and in my opinion it’s a Big 12 recruiting talent class, I mean all the guys offensively had offers from Big 12 schools,” Herndon said, “We brought our talent to SMU so it’s definitely a huge time for the American Conference, it’s just huge.”

The 3-star tight end also believes the job coach Morris has done so leaves SMU with a very bright future in the future.

“The class that’s committed, especially these two guys that just committed, just bring huge talent, I know the two receivers and me all had Big 12 offers and as far as the overall skill its just amazing that coach has been able to put together this many pieces,” Herndon said, “It’s definitely going to go well, we all like each other and have gelled, we’ve known each other a pretty good while and know we’ll work together, it’ll be a good time for all of us.”

As a tight end, Herndon is also very pleased with the fact Ben Hicks could potentially be throwing him the ball down the road.

“I’m extremely excited, he’s a great talent, he has a huge arm and a huge potential at the next level, he’s just a real big-time player, he’s definitely going to help us out and run this offense,” Herndon said.

Coach Morris has assembled an impressive group of players but above all else, Herndon said he couldn’t wait to be a part of coach Morris’ offense.

“The offensive mind that coach Morris has and the pieces he’s going to put together and how he’s going to use all these athletes is very exciting.”

Herndon also received an in-home visit from SMU assistants Justin Stepp and Joe Craddock Monday night.

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